Bank fee on each FX transfer

I have used Wise for many years. To/from UK and France…to/from France and Thailand…
They DO transfer from Australia…

Wise DO make a charge, but this is made as part of the transfer and is probably offset by the better rates they give.

Wise give you interbank rate no matter 1euro or a million. The fee is usually more than offset by the better rate.

With Wise - you put Aus dollars into an Australian account (with an Oz IBAN) - you convert to Euros - that goes into your Euro account with it’s own European IBAN hence and there shouldn’t be charges.

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Hello Bank

Good morning! I live in france and transfer money from my state pension in uk to my french bank from time to time. Try TORFX. They are excellent, the amount need not be large, (I am not wealthy) they tell you the rate of exchange and the money is in your specified account the following day. NO bank charges. Torfx have won awards for their services, obviously take a rake off, but all you see is what you have asked for. Example…I asked for 5000£ to be changed into euros and sent. I received 5700e the following day. Good rate, extremely polite staff. (I know nothing about aussie / euro exchanges rates!

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That’s who I use, the only problem I have with them is that they insist on using my full name, the one that appears on my passport, whereas my first given name has never otherwise been used since birth, and that prevents me from transferring money using my debit card. But I can transfer from my UK bank, even though they don’t have my full name either. Very strange.

But it is easy to do and they take a minimal profit from the exchange.

Hi all,
Just updated myself on this post and it does look very useful.
I work for an FX provider who can offer slightly better rates than Wise, a platform for you to make transfers much like you do with them with the added benefit of having a REAL PERSON at the end of the phone to help if you have any issues. We send funds via SEPA to help with any receiving fees the banks charge. We are also ranked No 1 on Trustpilot for Currency transfers and Payment services.
let me know if you would like to chat,
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