Basically, the wheels are falling off

Apparently there is no need to rush for a CDS just yet. Just as well as there are severely limited appointments in the Dordogne.

The British Embassy has always recommended that British citizens resident in France should prepare their documentation for the time when they need to apply for a CdS but they have been misquoted. This has resulted in the stampede to get a CdS (EU) and the corresponding waiting lists.

France’s current position on preparations for a no-deal scenario here
Nobody’s going to be rushed into anything. Even in no deal France is already making provision to allow enough time for everything to be done properly. Some governments take their obligations to look after the interests of their citizens and residents a bit more seriously than others :wink:

John Major’s thoughts on Brexit

The only comment that I suspect will turn out not to be true is that those who visited this calamity upon us - Farage, Rees-Mogg, Johnson, and the rest will not get their come-uppance, they (being politicians after all) will find some way to divert the blame.

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For some clarity, here is the French draft law to deal with a no deal Brexit, entitled:

habilitant le Gouvernement à prendre par ordonnance les mesures de préparation au retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne

There is another Thread…

I think this has been taken out of context and totally misunderstood.

It is not legislation on what would happen in the event of no deal, which is what the heading seems to suggest.
It is legislation about future (as yet unspecified) legislation.
The text that has caused the panic is simply setting out the issues that France anticipates having to find solutions to in the event of a no deal. None of these scenarios are new, none of them were specifically created by France and very few of them are specific to France. France is simply reiterating what the fallback position will be, if nothing is done about it, if the UK suddenly ceases to be an EU member
The whole point is that France wants to be in a position to avoid these scenarios, therefore it is legislating now to empower itself to quickly pass legislation aimed at solving these issues, should it become necessary.

A quick translation of the document is below - there may be some errors.

I posted the link to the French site before having time to translate it. I did rather hope that people who are able to “Survive France” could possibly read a bit of French.

My post was not intended for non-French-speaking tourists but people living in France who are worried about cartes de séjour, health insurance, pensions, working etc. This document only applies to France. It is not generic to all EU27 countries. They will probably need to enact something similar.

Btw the default position for UK citizens seeking to visit any country is that they are likely to need a visa.

FR GOV.pdf (110.2 KB)

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Quite understand… thank you Fleur… I was linking the two Threads… this subject is worthy of in-depth discussion… if only to put folk’s minds at rest… :wink:

Sorry, I didn’t realise there was another thread. I still haven’t got to grips with the way this forum works!

No problems… we all have a go, as best we can…


You’re right. The UK press is as usual useless at putting out accurate news. The draft law is saying that legislative measures will be necessary to deal with these consequences but it is also making it clear such measures will be reciprocal. That doesn’t bode well given the UK govt’s hostile environment regime.

Et tu, Johnny?

May has no support for her current position. It doesn’t matter what she brings back there will be some segment of her party that loudly and rabidly denounces it.

In my fantasies she grows a pair, shows some leadership and chooses what is in the country’s interest - i.e EEA/EFTA membership as that is the only situation in which we are “out” of the EU but does not threaten to tear apart either the GFA or the Union.

Given that would pass Labour’s “6 tests” she should get it through with Labour support plus her own moderates. Yes the ERG would froth at the mouth but they do that whatever she suggests so no loss there.

But, she won’t. She can’t think outside of the box into which she has painted herself with her red lines.

The really frustrating thing is that she is still the least worst option available as leader of the country


in a loose sort of way… but more like the captain of the Titanic standing on the bridge singing Rule Britannia as the ship goes down… glug
Utterly useless

I don’t think that is the right analogy, it’s got some of the right elements but for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on for the minute it doesn’t quite fit everything about the current situation.


Wish that a lot of people on this forum read this and then try to put an end to all the hysteria amongst them at the moment.

I could see a slip up on stop vs start but the last thing he says is “we will definitely deliver visas for people” - Macron’s English is too good to ascribe that to a slip.

It’s a bit odd, I wonder what he was actually thinking.

Whatever he says for those of us travelling in and out often rather than resident I would not be surprised to find we need to sign up to ETIAS when it gets going.

There’s also an interesting list of documents which have to be presented at the border:

  • Valid passport (three months beyond end of planned stay).
  • Hotel reservation or an offer of private accommodation validated by the mayor of the commune where you will be staying
  • Proof of sufficient financial reserves for your stay (120€/day if not staying in a hotel, 65€/day if you are)
  • Return ticket or proof of enough financial resources to buy one
  • Business credentials, which organisation you are visiting etc.

I’m assuming that, as I own property in France, proof of that will suffice - I won’t have to invite myself over and get that certified by the Mayor, but having friends to stay will be a pain.

Can you get a CdS if not actually resident?

this sort of thing perhaps…

Not exactly as I woudn’t want to stay over three months and I definitely would not be performing any religious functions.

No, just something so you could show one document and have done, rather than tickets, hotel reservations etc.

It is possible/probable that ETIAS will cover this