Beam Benders in France

(David Martin) #21

You are making things up. Your posts do not make sense.

(John McClain) #22

Yes, they do. It is not my fault you cannot understand my clear English. End.

(stella wood) #23

John… there are many folk… on and off this forum… who maintain their own vehicles.

Headlight alignment etc is no mystery…any more than changing brake pads and discs, filters, fuses… etc etc… you name it and they can do it…and do it properly so that the vehicle will pass the appropriate Tests/Controls… and, importantly… the vehicle will be safe on the roads.

There are other folk, who are not so handy… and for them, the Garage is the answer… horses for courses…

But there is no laid down rule which states who must do the work… so long as it is done correctly… that is sufficient.

(John McClain) #24

Understood, however “eyeing it” will not suffice for the CT unless your eyes contain some beam alignment system Stella.

(stella wood) #25

John… we can go round and around…in circles but what is the point…if you feel you need to use a garage… then do so.

Other folk may well be capable of doing it for themselves and many have already done so…

'nuff said.

(John McClain) #26

Yes I’m keen to see results of a couple of CT centre passes at least, from people who have stuck them on themselves! I will go and shut up if I’m proven wrong.

(David Martin) #27

When the beam pattern is measured by the equipment in the CT station it will either be within the norms or not. If the deflectors do their job it doesn’t matter who fitted them. I’m sure that you are posting in good faith and that you may have been given advice by someone in a garage but what you are saying is not true. There is no problem with your English, it’s your logic that’s flawed.

(John McClain) #28

Yes and I’ve been told not to fit them myself as the conformity limits are very slim now.

(David Martin) #29

I know a lot of people who prefer to do their own work on their cars and motorcycles as they know that they work within tighter tolerances.

(John McClain) #30

Yes, me included.

(David Martin) #31

Now you are not making any sense at all!

(John McClain) #32

People who prefer to work on their cars themselves… “me included”.

(David Martin) #33

But you don’t believe that those people are capable of fitting a DIY beam deflectors system themselves. Bizarre!

(John McClain) #34

Not from what I’ve heard, and been advised, no. ce n’est pas bizzarre.

(David Martin) #35

But now you’ve heard a different point of view. It’s not rocket science and as I’ve said over and over again if the lights pass it does not matter who fitted them.

(John McClain) #36

When I see it, I’ll believe it. Until then, I will take multiple sources professional advice as gospel.

(David Martin) #37

You do what pleases you. Let other people make up their own minds. Your logic is flawed.

(stella wood) #38

OK folks… this thread is getting daft, in my opinion.

I have put on here what is Gospel from DEKRA.

There will be folk who disagree…in which case… ok let them do the other thing…

There will be folk who find it useful … yippee…

(John McClain) #39

They are most welcome to. Interested in seeing any future postings from them infact.

My logic is not flawed in any way, shape, or form.

(John McClain) #40

Just a debate Stella, I’m not angst or being silly :slight_smile: