Been in France for 6 months... now what?

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Yup - it’s in the thread !

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@jach1983 Coming back to Jamie’s questions, just to clarify - the income requirement that’s being mentioned applies to inactifs not to workers. For workers the criteria are different and no income threshold is specified; to be classed as a self-employed worker you need to be running a viable business and devoting substantial time to your business activities. So if it comes to it they would look at your business plan and how much time you invest into it, as well as your actual profit/turnover. They do understand that a new business doesn’t immediately generate a high turnover and they shouldn’t class it as a hobby business purely on that account, but if it’s generating low income and days or even weeks go by without you doing any actual work and they’re not convinced by your business plan, then they can. A small seasonal business isn’t ideal in this respect because once it’s set up there tends to be a limit to how much time you can devote to running it on an ongoing basis out of season.

Well, that’s how immigration works isn’t it - countries screen the thousands of foreigners who want to go there to work or set up a business, and those like France that are attractive to immigrants can afford to be very selective about who they accept.
The freedom to work in any EU country has been a great privilege, and I find it incredibly sad that Britain is so gleeful at the prospect of throwing it away.

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@Anna Yes, it has been an amazing privilege and one that I can still seldom believe we have given up.

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Just for info for anyone else, l could not create an Amelie account as our provisional numbers are not the required 13 numbers long. I phoned 3646 and spoke to someone who confirmed they had our files but could not offer any date as to when the cards would arrive.
I would like to register with a doctor but suspect it will not be possible to do that either.