Best places to live in France 2023

My experience is that many of these super yachts don’t go anywhere much. Rather like super cars with piffling mileage

A 1967 Lambo 400GT with 39kms on the clock

A pal was skipper of one of these super yachts, owned by Arabs. It spent its life as floating hotel in the marina at Palma, Majorca. It was given a blast across the Med to north Africa to clear the spiders out of the exhausts and run the systems. Then back on the berth at Palma.

This sort of thing is quite common.

Politics, money and white privilege

  • The richest 1% of humanity is responsible for more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%

  • Over the period from 1990 to 2019, the accumulated emissions of the 1% were equivalent to wiping out last year’s harvests of EU corn, US wheat, Bangladeshi rice and Chinese soya beans.

  • The extravagant carbon footprint of the 0.1% – from superyachts, private jets and mansions to space flights and doomsday bunkers – is 77 times higher than the upper level needed for global warming to peak at 1.5C. (Think helicopter Sunak)

  • In the US, … one in four members of Congress reportedly own stocks in fossil fuel companies, worth a total of between $33m and $93m. The report says this helps to explain why global emissions continue to rise, and why governments in the global north provided $1.8tn to subsidise the fossil fuel industry in 2020, contrary to their international pledges to phase out carbon emissions.

A survey of climate scientists has identified most think 2.5 to 3 degree warming is now inevitable, versus the original 1.5 degree Paris agreement. Some have decided not to conceive children into such an apocalyptic world. 2 billion humans affected, millions of refugees.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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‘The stakes could not be higher’: world is on edge of climate abyss, UN warns | Climate crisis | The Guardian.

Edit, with a nod to the thread title, the best places in France might be higher up (from sea level) and to the south (east?), to avoid the winter freezes when the the atlantic meridional overturning circulation (the Gulf Stream) collapses.

Yes, it is past time that all these extravagances are stopped.
Consumerism is dangerous, whether it is my yacht is bigger than yours or my trainers are more expensive than yours.
Actually, we live at 420 metres above sea level in sothern Burgundy and have noticed how our weather has changed since 2009 when we came to live here.
We used to get really cold winters from the east and now it is warmer and wetter from the west.

Hence red sky at night, shepherd’s delight
Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.

The sun, red on the clouds which have departed to the west
The sun, red on the clouds, which are arriving from the east.

I think. :thinking: :smiley:

Or ‘Sun before 7. Rain before 11’

This because the cold front following the previous warm [wet]front, as they do, gives ‘clear spells with occasional rain’ but the next low pressure area is coming up behind and will bring cloud and more persistent rain.

This is the eternal repeating pattern of most of the meteo of northwest FR and all of UK. The lows are generated in the Gulf of Mexico and track The Gulf Stream northeast.