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I agree Mat, it depends on how the property was described and what the sale price is. Our house was cheap and so we accepted that there would be problems.

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Hi, some boiler help required. We have a Viessmann Vitola 111 Vitotronic 200 typ KW2. It is displaying Burner fault code d1. It is oil fired. Does anyone know how to rectify this? Can anyone recommend a boiler engineer in dept 86 south Vienne. We are now without hot water although we do have a kettle! Thanks in advance

Does the following help?

Thank you, but it only says it’s a burner fault, not how to fix.

Unless the property was described as having a boiler that didn’t work then the vendor who must have known the situation is at fault, We had this problem with a swimming pool which needed new pump pipes and electricity supply after the property description included a pool, Because it was not functioning (and the vendor knew this) the Notaire held back 30K to correct the problem. We spent 27k sorting it out and the vendor got 3 k back, My view is simple if the sale description includes oil fired heating and the offer was made on this basis then it either has to be repaired to work for guaranteed period (5 years plus) or replaced. due to changes in the law this would have to be with a non fossil fuel boiler. I would assume the vendor knew this and was hoping to get away with it by selling to an English purchaser.

Yep. Turns out I needed 6 sections. I’ve had a quote for 5k for a refurbishment but it’s kind of money for nothing. Even for 5k my wife says we can live with it!

The vendor has not lived in the house or in France for 4 years. It was rented out until approximately 9mths ago. There has been no power supply to the boiler until a few days before the signing.

Was it sold as a working heating system or not. If the vendor stated that it was not working then there us no problem. Usually when you buy somewhere you expect the heating system to work.

Not necessarily, any doubts it should be part of the survey. Estate agents would never assume so purchaser should

What are the symptoms of the trouble ? Does the boiler fire up at all ? Can you hear it trying to do so ? What exactly happens when you try to start it ?

You could perhaps contact Engie Home Services. They have pretty widespread coverage for repair, service, and breakdown insurance for all types of heating systems.

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Good morning Robert

Thanks for your reply and recommandation. Nigel@Buf recommended a heating engineering in confolens. He has been and got the boiler working again. It was the burner transformer EM1.
Hot water again!




Good to know that you have managed to resolve your problem.
For the future you might want to take up a maintenance contract that provides for the obligatory annual servicing, obligatory annual flue inspection and cleaning as required, and the call out fee and labour for any breakdowns. (You just pay for the parts needed.) I find it gives peace of mind in that if there is a problem, and I am not available for some reason, then the wife can just phone them and they’ll come and fix it.
At around 18€ a month I think it is reasonable value bearing in mind that it used to cost me €80 a year just to get the flueway cleaned, and then around another €100 for a annual service from a local chaufagiste who never did a thorough job.

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Great idea, I will look into that