Brexit Carte De Sejour: Flow-Chart 2019/2020

this is the flow chart (4 pages) which applied to the previous CdSejour Online Application, which was prepared for “No Deal”.
We ended up “With Agreement” , which is why there is a new online application soon to be available.

I am being asked locally about this and my friends are finding comfort in knowing the “worst” scenario…

I cannot think that much will change as far as docs to be provided by us Brits …

PO19090367-Use_Case_V17(1).pdf (840.8 KB)


Who produced this? It’s great as very simple and straightforward!!

It should reassure as shows how little will be asked of people…

(Of course those who have been under the radar for years and not already taken steps to sort themselves (ie no tax returns) out will have to start from year 1 again…but still room for them to do it).


Jane… this was produced by the French Government… for the No Deal scenario…

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Yes, very reassuring in its simplicity, for us at least, as we shall have been resident in France for over 5 years in October.

I’m nor sure of how to get the attestation of health insurance that is less than three months old though. Can anyone help dispel my ignorance? :thinking::flushed:

If you can go onto you go into your “personal space” and click the appropriate button…

If you can’t do that online… a visit to your CPAM and ask them for an Attestation… will do the trick… (Like the tax folk, they know full well that not everyone has the necessary to be totally online)

Might be an idea to wait until nearer to when the online should be working… in case they move the goalposts again…

Incidentally, for those who can’t “do” the application online (come the time)… it will be possible to do this, with help from others, at the public computers which are available in Mairies and various other places…

Thanks for that info. Stella. :hugs:

Now remind me…wasn’t there someone or other on here who keeps complaining the french are doing nothing for us…:face_with_hand_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:



Ha ha…

I downloaded this chart last year, because I found it so useful at that time… and now, I’m so glad I did… :hugs:

So does that mean that a Carte Vitale [plus S1] will be sufficient? l’ve been paying an inordinate amount for a mutuelle, but my health costs [even for surgery and inpatient treatment] have been very modest.

Depends what you mean as sufficient… :thinking:

The Attestation from Ameli… shows that you have S1 (if that is the case)… thus you are in the same position as any French person… you have some cover - but you will be personally liable for whatever portion of Health Bills are NOT paid by France.

Regarding Mutuelle… it is up to you to decide what extra cover you want … and the costs will vary accordingly. Might be worth checking with Fabien

here is his website:

We don’t bother with a full mutuelle and just have hospital cover. Our annual spend on the healthcare not covered by social security is around 200€, so seemed crazy to be spending 1500€ on a mutuellle for that (teeth are ok, and buy glasses on visits to UK or online). Hospital cover is much cheaper, and gives us some security in case of huge hospital bills.

If you are in the healthcare system with a carte vitale that’s all you need to renew a carte de séjour.

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Thank you. That’s good to know. l shall save a lot of money!

Thank you. By ‘sufficient’ l meant enough to satisfy the CdS rules, and you have put my mind at rest.

Ah… good… one less thing for you to worry about. :hugs:

so many folk are worrying… it’s a difficult time all round at the moment.

This is excellent: however there is one line that concerns me. For a family member applying for residency as the spouse of someone who has already acquired residency it says “I must have been living in France before the withdrawal date.”

This contradicts advice I have been given and I know there are a lot of people where one spouse who is, say, retired, establishes residency in the expectation that their spouse will follow at some indeterminate point in the future: certainly after the withdrawal date.

I presume/hope that this is a hangover from the fact that this is an expired “No deal” document and that there is no requirement for spouses to have been present before the end of the transition period.

Hi Tim and welcome to the forum.

The Flow Chart does relate to No Deal… and thus is (in my view) a worse-case scenario.

We cannot know if much or anything will be changed …until the new online site opens in October.

I merely offered it to help folk who had no idea what might be called for… :thinking:

Of course, with No Deal… there would be a clear demarcation of folk who were “here before” and those who arrived “after” the Date… and there will possibly be many folk who hope this demarcation will disappear… fingers crossed… :hugs:

I don’t think you have anything much to worry about on that score Tim. The EU has long operated a policy of ‘Let no man put asunder’ where if one spouse has EU citizenship or Residency, then as long as it can be shown that it is not a marriage ‘of convenience’, the other spouse is also entitled to the same classification, and that such classification continues even after the death of their partner.

Agree with Robert that this is highly unlikely. It is what we did many years back, and just to flag up that we struggled to explain the position to the tax authorities in doing our tax returns… They kept wanting a binary choice between married (and both resident) and separated.

But presumably one of you is already here so you have dealt with this already? So maybe it has changed with new online tax returns, but it drove us in circles at the time!

Its refreshing how minimalist is the list of required documents. No birth certificates (translated or original) required for any adult. A birth certificate only required for a child to prove the relationship with their parent. No marriage certificate (translated or original) unless for a TCN needs it to show their relationship with a British spouse.

The Withdrawal Agreement states that only a passport or national ID card can be required to demonstrate identity & that supporting documents apart from identity documents may be submitted in copy & originals can only be required in specific cases where there is a reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of the supporting documents.