Brexit humor

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Possibly true… :slight_smile:

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How times change.

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“Home Office officials have privately admitted the department is having problems increasing its immigration staffing levels as part of its Brexit preparations and may have to recruit Polish and other eastern Europeans to help register the 3 million EU nationals in Britain.”

… It’s a shame it’s not a joke… :frowning:


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Just thinking aloud … how to pay for Brexit Bill: by saving 350/week, in 10 weeks = 3,500 million, 20 weeks (less than 1/2 year 7,000 million! :thinking::astonished::fearful::scream:

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By that reasoning, it will take over 2 years just to pay the proposed Brexit divorce bill of 40 billion

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Apparently a big part of the bill is pensions. Surely Farage can live without a pension from the Big Evil.

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I’m sure he can but I’ll bet that if he is due one he will claim it.

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Made me smile :slight_smile:

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Sounds like Boris!

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“According to a breaking report on their website, ‘too many’ asylum seekers jumped out of lorries in Dover at the same time, and the resulting tremor caused a brief shift in the San Littlejohn tectonic fault that runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea.”


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LOL…! I Am reliably informed that my persistent usage of “LOL” shows my age but…LOL…:joy:

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… “He made it seem like a game,” Sonia Purnell, who was Johnson’s deputy in the Telegraph’s bureau at the time, told me. “A pretty scary game, where he always pushed everything to the absolute outer limits of truth.” In 2012, Purnell wrote a biography of Johnson, in which she described his daily ritual, as a young journalist, of yelling obscenities at a yucca plant on his desk, in order to raise his adrenaline to write his next assault on the bloc. “This bizarre ritual, to those who witnessed it, was an insight into the torrent of focus and drive that lies beneath Boris’s affable exterior,” she wrote.

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