Brexit means Brexit means Doom and Gloom

They are using the term Australian instead of WTO to make the idiots who voted for them feel that all is well.

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Sorry folk…but what has this chatter to do Brexit…it trivialises a serious issue. If you want to have this discussion maybe it’s better under wildlife thread!

In South East Asia, this is a staple food, in fact, it’s a delicacy. Just eat them to death! Or harvest & export!


Absolutely nothing! But that is how this site has been (happily) operating since 2009!


UK government seem keen on emptying the country - proactively telling people to go and seek residency in France!


I just saw that slogan applied to importing horses into the EU. I wonder how many millions they paid someone to come up with that?

This seems to confirm what we all knew. A very small group of very rich people getting richer to the cost of everyone else.

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I completely understand that and far from it as a relative newcomer to criticise …but life unfortunately is going to get a lot more complicated and living here not quite so laid back or easy so I think it trying to sperate the humour and chatty stuff (still very much needed) would help those that need to discuss and get answers to some issues that may well be difficult in the next twelve months without having to keep wadding through comments that are irrelevant to a particular problem. I’m sure SF wants to be seen to help people share problems (often quite worry ) a well as being a medium for light hearted banter, particularly in the current climate of Brexit …and Covid.

It is like a dinner party, conversation wanders!


Croak…croak :frog::kangaroo:


Everything happens for a reason…?
This wandering thread may help the UK in the very near future, some Aussi entrpreneur or the Australian Gov. may see this and send Cane frog legs food packages to help feed the UK in it,s greatest hour of need, (post Brexit) by eliminating their pests (win / win situation to come out of Brexit).
After, the rest of the World will call the Brits “les mangeurs des cuisses de grenouilles”.


Les grenouilles sont mignons, les crapauds majestueux. Croak…

Ok…I’ll join you for dinner🥂…is the food good?


I bet you can be a bit of a toad. Croak croak…lol

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Toad in the hole is the plat de jour this week.

Would that be crêpes crapauds ? @Jane_Williamson


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Food can be variable but the welcome is always warm ! :slight_smile:

We have crapauds sonores which are protected here, so you will have to be careful which type of crapaud you are using Peter.

We are being led by people living in an Alice in wonderland world.
Who will be the Red Queen and shout ‘Off with their Heads’?
More to the point who will carry it out?

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Could we err… pencil you in, Jane?

I think you would make a pretty definitive job of decapitation, and clear up afterwards with minimum fuss (all ready for the next one) :grinning: