Brexit means Brexit means Doom and Gloom

Glad you found the articles Strudball ! Thanks for the info on Simon Kuper. I hadn’t heard of him before I saw the Le Monde articles. I enjoyed reading the French translation, with some new vocabulary for me. I used to have an FT subscription when working, but I’m too stingy these days. I’ll have a look at ‘Chums’. I’m reading Michel Barnier’s La Grande Illusion at the moment, a chunk at a time. It presents a very good picture of what went on during the Brexit negotiations.

misconceptions about Europe, a political fever whipped up y the likes of the ERG and Farage and an unhealthy desire for a power grab were the principal causes of Brexit…
These references about the Lisbon Treaty and “ever closer union” by “girly” Cameron are a good reminder of what took place in those dark years leading to the UK royally screwing itself and its people.

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took place in those dark years leading to the UK royally screwing itself and its people.

…but unfortunately 53%? didn’t think like that

not 53% of the total voting population though…

Yep the whole process was flawed…but only a PR groupie aka Cameron could have agreed to such an ill thought thro’ proposition.

So on the day the National Institute of Economic & Social Research forecasts a long recession in the UK with RPI inflation expected to hit 17.7%, John Harris sums up the impact of brexit to date:


I’m beginning to think Brexit wasn’t such a good idea after all :thinking:


there are plenty who agree with you including Phil Moorhouse A Different Bias

OTOH there are those who continue to think it was the best thing since sliced bread and oven ready turkeys…

Many of us *never* thought it was a good idea.


Ha, yes, and just to be clear, neither did I really… I was being somewhat facetious :wink:

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Fatboy Slim during one of the Brexit protest marches in London?


Well, there goes freedom of thought and expression

This is a dangerously worrying direction, even if it is unlikely to be brought in soon, doubtless it is symptomatic of Tory thinking at the moment.

isn’t that oxymoronic?
Tory and Thinking in the same sentence…


Tory thinking seems to be to create a crisis than profit from it.

To be fair I wouldn’t ask Dido Harding to run a car hand wash station.

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I know a man who can delete that erroneous post for you - permanently :wink:

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Interesting but not surprising that the narrative around the dire unfolding economic prospects in the Uk is noticeable in that no politicians or commentators mention the B word, an indication of how toxic it still is in UK politics and why any softening of Brexit…ie single market membership isn’t going to happen anytime soon…unfortunately.

True of most UK media - The Guardian again an honourable exception. It’s what Chris Grey etc call a ‘public secret’ - everybody knows brexit has been a disaster, but few will say it, either because they supported it, or because they are supine (like the BBC), or simply have poor analysis and strategy (like the Labour Party).


Only time i see the B word mentioned is if i have a glance at one of the right wing papers purely for entertainment,they are always full of stories about how furious they still are,it was hilarious the other day,they printed a story about how Portugal had made such a mess of Brexit,you couldn,t make it up,it,s priceless entertainment.

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