Brexit - what will happen to us in France?

other than presenting facts which got declared as scare mongering or “academics” providing factual data so untrustworthy.

The former UK is now the Seperated Kingdom, built on the back of lies, racism and anti Intellectualists.

Welcome back to the britain of baldricks and turnips and the middle ages.


Hi David, why were you surprised that a company can react quickly in the market place. This day and age flexibility is key to all business. We have a 6 acre site of ultra modern purpose build warehousing and distribution. We also have first class directors and management. All of our staff are fully trained and remain with the company, staff turnover is very low. Our directors have all served a minimum of 20 years. We’re number one in Europe and next year we will be 50 years old. As a trading company we are very close to the market and react to the slightest changes and are always ready for more work.
The biggest key to success is the positive attitude of all the staff working as a team. Our group managing director encourages all departments to plan for themselves and he makes a point of talking to them everyday. When I talk to our staff I always feel good because of the upbeat mood of young people growing within the company. The new youngsters coming in are our future.

When I am in France speaking to business people it’s usually moans and groans about the slow business and tax. Quite depressing, so don’t mock pro active successful companies. Brexit is already pushing more opportunities for Britain, even though there will be some tough times ahead we feel more than confident to adapt to change and not fight it. What do they say, go with the flow.


Brilliantly expressed Geof

Hope you haven’t got any ‘foriegn’ staff Geoff!!!


Tim, I have every right to reply, you do not edit this discussion. For your information I have been living in France for the last ten years, and have no intention of returning to the UK. I am confident that we will still be living in France in ten years time, just as happily as we do now. We jumped into the relative unknown when we sold up and moved to France and we have faced various ups and downs along the way, and survived. I believe that the EU and € face enormous problems, whether the UK is in or out, and that the UK will have a better future by leaving. That is my personal opinion, but not mine alone. I respect that your opinion is different, and do not believe this is the place to argue our differences.


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Geoff, as someone who has lived and worked in Europe and voted for a common market at the time, I consider myself to be European but not a federalist. The EU member states had a golden opportunity to recognise the need for changes when Cameron made his tour to gain changes for the UK. Mr Juncker and his cohorts thought it a good “game” to veto pretty much most of his requests and thus triggered the referendum ground rules. The UK never voted for a federal Europe, the EU failed to carry out proper due diligence on Greece’s financial state because they were more interested in enlarging the EU. The EU central government has been the Architect of its own coming disaster and the UK leaving will allow it to be at the front of the queue in negotiating trade deals rather than being one of 28 scrabbling for the same when the collapse arrives. I find the demise of the EU very sad but inevitable.


Hi Catherine, yes we have some foreign staff but everybody is talking about people sent home from Britain with Brexit, that’s not going to happen. The idea of Brexit is to control the wasters that want to come for a job seeking holiday paid for by a Jobseeker’s Allowance. Catherine when I’m in Belgium and listen to business people I find it amazing when they’re talking about Brexit. They think Britain want to go back to the 1950’s and shrink from the world stage, at least it gives me a good laugh. To the Belgium business people there is no life outside of the EU. To me there is no life in the EU as it lurches from one crises to another.
At least the Brits are shaking things up a bit. Keep up the good work Catherine, regards Geof.


Absolutely right Ian, I voted for the common market back in the 70’s but not an economic union. Well put.
At least we will be out of it soon, whether pre EU collapse or post.


Hi Tim, I’m in Auckland.

Cannot believe how much I’ve taken my uk citizenship for granted all these years.

Are you still confident in making the move there???

Edit just reread get you aren’t that confident now…guess we’ll just continue to twiddle thumbs.

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I’d rather be here in France than the UK right now!


Enjoy it while it lasts, the IMF could be busy quite soon.

Spot on, especially the comment about selfish people putting themselves first before before the huge benefits of their birthplace.

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Which selfish people? And which comment @Paul_Smith?

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Well said @Tim_Neal Totally agree with what you said.

Can’t believe how some peeps who live in an EU country have voted to leave this Union. It’s like Turkeys voting for Christmas :frowning:


Thanks for the links, James.

It shows how since the vote, it’s unleashed the worst under the surface traits, our homeland has.

It goes totally against everything in principle, the EU Union is trying to stop.

In my opinion, it was not too difficult to see what the britexiters have released. All of us should be ashamed of what the current Gov is doing and what terrible things it’s unleashing, for short-term polictical gain.


Britain is an EU country, at least for a while but sure was at the time of the referendum. The turkey trying to bring Cbristmas forward is Juncker and Co.


did I say you didn’t?
but clearly, your response demonstrates a severe lack of basic reading and writing comprehension.

and your position re leave vote is now becoming clear- and the stereotype claims by the many who voted remain or indicated happy with the status quo is being proven as correct.

Enjoy being an immigrant in a foreign country and a practicing xenophobe in the same lifetime.

Again- a position and belief that utterly beggars belief. A bit like a Turkey voting for Christmas.
Which I understand in the 3rd realm of the UK is now cancelled seeing as Santa in a foreigner and won’t be able to work there :wink:

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yes , Lis and I are still making plans to move. we are just being a little less boots and all now.
We have been taking night school with Alliance Francaise to learn the language, studying up on the different business structures etc.
Im 30 years back ground in the hotel and restaurant trade, Lis is an Accountant. So we’re thinking of buying freehold a B&B or Gite complex.