Bringing household goods to France post Brexit

I get the same error but I Googled the reference number for the form and it took me to this page: Formulaires en ligne - Fiche du formulaire n°10070*03

I’ve also uploaded it for you :slight_smile: CUSTOMS CERT. CERFA cerfa_10070-03 (2).pdf (758.3 KB)

Hi, I’m assuming it’s not the ‘transfer your primary residence to france’ page, but the link to the customs form that can’t be reached… The transfer page has…

Specific terms

  • You must transfer your property to France within 12 months from the date of transfer of your residence.
  • You may import your property all at once or in several stages. In the latter case, the inventory provided to French Customs for the first import must include all belongings for which an exemption is being requested.
  • You may not divest yourself (sale or rental, loan, pledge, etc.) of any exempt belongings within 12 months of the date of their entry into France.

Thoughts / questions -

  1. What’s a transfer of residence - is it the same as renting a (short term) flat for the purposes of WA, or e.g. buying a house and transferring goods from your old one?

  2. several stages - does the whole lot have to be transferred within 12 months, or the first lot within 12 months and the rest in bits and bobs later?

  3. cars - so back to Q1 - if want to transfer the car into France system does this have to be done within 1 year of the ferry we took when ‘arriving’ in france for WA - or e.g. buying a house… (for info the france rental lease specifically stated residence secondaire) - or can one rely on the separation of WA ‘residence’ and tax ‘permanent residence’ definitions?

the docs to provide include:

  • Any documentation proving that:
    • You primary residence was in a non-EU country.
    • You are moving to France (change of residence certificate, transfer order for French civil servants and members of the military, residency card, immigration card, etc.).

would the WA CdS work here - would it work against a change of residence certificate (mutually exclusive) or can they be separate?

Thoughts welcome! Thanks in advance.