Building/Planning permission - what happens if it expires?!

Most places now have a plan local d’urbanisme (PLU) in place to guide local developments, and they are usually revised every 10 years or so. They can be organised at the commune level for larger communes, or between several communes, at the com-com level and so on. Issues of sustainable development now figure much more. Because communes get money for extra population and building there has been an “inclination” to agree things that are really environmentally unsound. So the newer approaches help temper this.

So despite consultation if yours is developed at the com-com level then the wishes of one commune can be over-ridden.

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exactly so… we are a very small commune and thus have fewer votes at Com-Com level … so, despite our best efforts we often get the short straw… and this is just one of those situations.

My post was/is only intended to make folk think… and then check on their own situation… just in case.

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