Built in use by date / Obsolescence of flat screen TV

(barry Carleton) #21

I just changed the faulty leds on our tv, it works fine, costs €4.65.

(Alec Gray) #22

Where in the back of the TV do I find the LED’s? And where are the LED model / item numbers listed?

(barry Carleton) #23

One cannot say that flat tvs are all the same, the early flat tvs used florescent lighting, later ones use leds for back lighting. They are used to illuminate the screen and are behind a diffuser.
Some tvs have rows of leds, some are around the edges.
There are a lot of examples on youtube.
Tv leds are wired in series and are specific for flat tvs.
Once I get access to the leds I test them with a 3v battery, and replace dead ones.
My method is simple and does not involve special tools. Have been repairing tvs since 1958.

(Mark Robbins) #24

I think, from some of your earlier posts, that some people believed they could home repair failed screen LED’s, not the backlighting ones.

(barry Carleton) #25

Pixels can be repaired too, but they come and go, so I have not done that recently.
Screens are lcd not leds,