Burglary after workmen visit your house

To be honest Karen I did no research, so I can’t compare to the competition. it was an impulse purchase that worked out well. When I bought them they came with a free cloud allowance which has proved to be miles more than we would ever need. We can review and download the clips and watch realtime from our iPads and phones no matter where we are (a concern is can the CIA too?). The clips are high definition but small in volume. The cameras are two way audio so you can yell expletives at the intruders as they rip you off.

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Oh, I like that, John. Especially that bit about shouting expletives at them. I will start saving up.

Will be just the thing for my phantom facteur who likes to claim she attempted a parcel delivery by telepathy. Stands outside the unlocked gate, won’t set foot inside the gate to come to the door, won’t even call out “Is anyone there? parcel delivery…”, won’t agree to put parcels in a place I accept responsibility for, and has decided to dishonour previous postie’s agreement of a quick tap on the post vehicle horn to notify their presence.

I should think this young facteur’s friends all have your system with a sonnette! would work perfectly.Until I get one it looks like our new facteur intends to mark parcel deliveries as attempted by psychic powers, telepathy or osmosis. Grrrr another tiresome week insisting to La Poste that I was there waiting for the parcel on multiple days and no concrete attempt to deliver was made - despite the facteur’s strong thought waves from outside the gate :slight_smile: .

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Speaking of bad areas for crime, Stockwell has been mentioned, I was once in a rather notorious area of Nottingham, St. Annes Well Road, picking up some stuff with my Saxo. With arms full I just opened the hatch with the key with some difficulty and dropped the key on the floor inside as soon as I was in in order to place my armful inside. Then slammed the hatch down ready to drive off. The door wouldn’t open, locked, as was the hatch, the joys of central locking.

I was soon surrounded by a large group of local youths, both Black and White, and pleaded with them to open the door by sticking something down the window. All were very apologetic, but unable to help. :astonished:

Finally I had to smash a window to get in myself. :roll_eyes:

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Forgive me if I’m wrong but this might be the factrice’s way of moaning that you haven’t got a compliant mailbox? …or one that isn’t roadside accessible? You are supposed to have an approved type, at the correct height, accessible from the public way. The factrice will have a master key that allows her to place small parcels inside, which is clearly very convenient for all concerned.
I apologise if you already knew all that.


Yep, there was a local survey, several years ago… and folk were asked to do the necessary. It was made clear that the Post Person is not authorised to come onto private property. OK, I thought that was a bit excessive, but everyone complied nonetheless.

We had a roller door installed after there were eleven burglaries in one night in the next village.
they broke into peoples’ homes whilst they were sleeping.
they took my friends handbag, but were stupid enough to use her Visa to pay for the toll on their way back to Lyon and, of course, when she got her statement she informed the gendarmerie and they traced them by the registration on their car.

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…we lived in Peckham for 5 years in the early '80s.
We suffered car crime or our house was burgled or vandalised on average once every three months.

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Yes, but the regency houses are beautiful. :grin: and it’s sooo convenient for central London. We forgot Location, Location, Location and went for House, House, House.

It did prove a challenge to sell - one man loved it, would have bought it, went into the office on the Monday and a colleague said “Stockwell? I was mugged in Stockwell!” That purchaser quickly disappeared.

Absolutely! If the facteur is on duty our mail/parcels all arrive fine, and if too big for our not-aux-normes box he carries things round to the back door and leaves them if we are not in. When the factrice is on duty we get envelopes only. She has told me off about the box a couple of times.

Our postbox is perfectly placed and have never had an adverse comment from facteur or factrice.
The box is placed atop the pole designed for the purpose (which was available at the same place as the box was purchased from) which places it at the correct height for them to pop post into the box (or open the door) from their sitting position in the vehicle, thereby entirely respecting their working conditions.
When necessary, we have never suspected bad feeling if they have occasionally had to drive round to the back of the property to access the main door.

Sadly John, that offer has finished and there is now a monthly fee for the service. The other concerns from looking at purchasers comments are that with cloud storage, it is necessary for WiFi to be up and running for uploading images to the cloud as there is no local storage option other than that. There is a USB option but that works by syncing the cloud storage to a local USB device but if there was no WiFi in the first place…

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Yup roadside accessible, letterbox there for 28 years. Obvs an 18x6x6 inch parcel won’t fit and has to be delivered as a parcel.

Fine if this particular facteur doesn’t want to come past the gate.
Particularly as a female no issue with her wanting to insist on that right.
But house is close enough to the gate to hear a call. Plus the system agreed last year of a beep on the horn, which the post supervisor suggested as they ‘know their customers and do for others’ was working well. Very few parcels are actually sent to us.

So far as I know the system we had in a town, with mailbox(es) with a key that the postman had a copy of, is optional and would not work with every parcel size anyway.

It’s the complete lack of effort, the non-honouring of previously working arrangement and no explanation as to why the older system of simply calling out to signal the arrival of the parcel, is also not done (no answer as to why not, when I asked).

It’s also particularly delicate as she referred to being friends with the new neighbour in gated estate opposite. That neighbour has ignored friendly waves and not getting themselves a good reputation. Word has got round they "enguelé"d one of our other neighbours who brought the new neighbour’s dog back home when it strayed onto their property. Our other neighbour, who is a bit further away, thought the dog had got lost being new in the neighbourhood so had returned it. Then got engueléd by the new neighbours.

I will think about how to deal with this as in the country here, gossip gets around and things are long term.

True Graham. I bought a camera and when I realised the offer was ending I bought a double pack so I have free Cloud X 2. I’m not interested in local storage because if they break in they can get rid of that too.

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Worse place I lived for burglaries was Hull.
Two different houses broken into, car stolen (recovered but minus my toolbox and baby seat), tyres pierced with a dart (so the tyrefitter told me).

No one steps on my land before I have taken a picture of the car licenses had some that claimed to be from EDF ore the water company one refused to show me so I showed him the husqvarna he left in a hurry what I mean is I’d everyone that is doing work on your property