Buying a French Property and relocation

Thank you all for the valuable information, its really appreciated as things are clearly so different to the UK. I suppose its a matter of getting used to dealing with it.
The car issues too, certainly didnt know that you can be joint registered keepers in France.
We were considering taking our cars with us but there appear to be issues with that too having read posts on here about it.
Once again everyone thank you ever so much for the information.

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We have only one account, but it’s in the names of “M ou Mme”.

I assume that takes care of the risk you mentioned …

M ou Mme may not work, we have the same and were advised to have two independent accounts to cover immediate needs for the survivor.


Interesting - thanks!

I can’t speak highly enough of Britline. They are proactive. They initiate emails, and/or calls where needed. They definitely answer the phone as @JaneJones mentioned…We have an extremely responsive account manager, from Yorkshire, for whom nothing is too much trouble.

They are based in Caen, (Calvados, Normandy) but I’ve never felt the need to physically visit them. Everything is done online/phone/post. Contracts are signed online with them hand holding by phone to walk you through whatever process is needed…

The app is useful (albeit some issues with the latest one), the website is user friendly etc…They do charge, but so do all French banks…

Interesting. We were explicitly advised it would work, by Britline and by our notaire…


Thanks George for the information regarding Britline, its really appreciated.

Well my experience was 11 years ago and I had to go in person to the local prefecture dealing with vehicles, my sous-prefecture did not deal with such things. I had to take an attestation to say the other heirs (my children) were OK for me to be the new owner which in reality I was, just that the dealer when we bought it new, put OH name on papers and not both or mine! I was buying another smaller car and trading this one in and to do that, it had to be in my name and the garage also checked there were no huissiers or other court stuff/HP payments outstanding before they took it in part exchange. Online changes were not the done thing back in 2012 and ANTS did not exist for such things, maybe for fines etc. This is a warning to all who have a family car to be aware of when the inheritance kicks in after death formalities.

M ou Mme DOES WORK after death. I kept all immediate access to our joint named accounts and continued to use the cards also. It is however, prudent to get it all changed over in the name of the surviving spouse to continue an easy life.


No big deal! It was just as easy to open individual accounts along-side our joint account so we did it.

Maybe because they got two lots of fees?

Surely not!

If you know the car, love the car and had it for a while it might be worth checking how much it would cost to import the cars. It will be a little more complicated/expensive since Brexit. BUT car prices in France (even for old clonkers) are considerable.
We brought or 10 year old volvo and an even older SAAB convertibke. Costs were about 1000 € for the two - including new headlights.

I too second everything @George1 says , I have had no troubles at all with Britline and my advisor is a young lady originally from London. I also opened my account with them whilst I was still living in UK, to a UK address.

No, the bank was extremely accommodating but I suspect the $500,000
bank draft I deposited might have helped??

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I remember that wonderful moment when our UK house sale hit our French bank account! Nothing was too much trouble. :grin:

Hi Bettina,

That sounds not too bad, we have seen that cars are expensive in France. Thanks for the information. Can i ask is it more expensive to insure a right hand drive in France?
We too have a Volvo its very low mileage and a low mileage Peugeot.
They both are in good condition and looked after so bringing the cars sounds like a option and changing over to French plates.
Thank you for your advice, very appreciated.

Have a XC60 diesel 13 years old about 125.000 miles - annual insurance approx. 650 E
Saab is a little cheaper - approx 450 E

Shame Mark Rimmer is not on the forum anymore - he was a great help getting our cars sorted.
Would definately check before hand that you can get all the neccessary paperwork and costs of bringing the cars. Driving ‘on the wrong’ side is not much of an issue in rural areas…

Thanks Bettina, that sound good to me. Volvos will run forever if looked after and we both are of an age where new cars really dont matter at all to us. We will check beforehand.
We were over last September at Civray and we dont like driving now in the uk but around Civray etc i didnt even see one pot hole and driving was a pleasure for both of us.

We both saw two local road workers repainting a give way line which in comparison to the uk ones which you cant see at the best of times was ok. The French certainly appear to take pride in their Country which is good.
Perhaps in the larger areas its different.

Higher tax income and certainly less traffic in rural areas makes for well maintained roads and pleasurable driving.
Driving in our area of France is still fun - but would not attempt Parus nowadays.

Thank you everyone for your assistance and inputs, we both appreciate it.

Wise - formerly TransferWise - every time!

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