Buying Diesel in 'bulk'

Good advice. 80 km on the motorway in 4th gear to maintain the high revs and blow the crap out of the DPF. And just generallt clear the system out. That is the problem with most diesels in private hands, they dont get hot enough for long. Always pussyfooting around and in 4th gear almost before leaving the driveway with the idea it saves fuel when it doesnt as the engines never reach their optimum temp. Can also happen to petrol cars as well.

My problem is that I am nowhere near a motorway and consider the high mileage on this car a deterrent to going very far away from home at all. So I suppose I will have to rev the guts out of it round the lanes just before the contre and hope for the best.

I’ve had a it a long time and am very fond of it, but don’t know what to do if it fails again. :worried: 3rd party insurance is minimal to keep it in the garden but I suppose it still wouldn’t be legal for it not to have a CT.

That’s not required at all. If you drive the car with the engine at about 2500rpm for 20 minutes (or in 2 10 minute bursts close together) or so that will generate sufficient heat for the diesel particulate filter to burn off the excess soot deposits. That’s definitely not 'revving the guts or if it - 2500rpm should be about 80kph.

Try to do this at least once per month - twice a month would be better.


Thank you Brian, still difficult finding space round here though. Can the same be achieved in a lonely spot while stationary instead?

Hi David. It’s better if the car is moving. The small variations in engine speed will all help the process. Also, revving while stationary causes greater engine stress as the car is lacking the flow of air through the radiator.

10 minutes at 2500rpm is only about 14 km. Could you do a there-and-back trip along a D or N road to a nearby town?


You might want to get a tin of catalyser/sonde/egr cleaner to put in your fuel tank first


Its not so much the road speed as the engine speed driving in 2nd at high rpm you wont break any rules or land speed records but the hot gasses will clean out the DPF.

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David, what do you consider"high mileage".

It might not have a DPF. @David_Spardo what were the high "pollutants "?

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True, depends on its age I expect.

If it is pre-DPF then maybe this could help.

can alos be found in the Intermarche on the automotive shelf.

Well lots of advice there, thanks to all.
High mileage @Rocam is almost half a million kms. Just checked , actually 441,728 kms
The car only came back from the mecano ysterday and I think he forgot to leave the contre form in it @Mark so don’t know at the moment.
Don’t know what a DPF is but I will take on board no point in revving while stationary @_Brian and yes I expect I could take some little used roads locally for some high revving low speed driving. :smiley:

Update: @Mark The form was in the car and this is the relevant bit on the subject. All double Dutch to me of course but make of it what you will

8.2.22.b.2. OPACITE : L’opacite depasse les limites reglemantaires, en l’absence de valeur de reception ou les mesures sont instables.

All he said to me before presenting that was ‘le pollution est un peu trop’ after initially saying ‘tout est bon’. :rofl:

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Think of it as a catalytic converter but one which works on soot particles

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Does this link help?

It smokes too much?

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Which to me suggests an injector clean would be in order. The kit from Bardahl works quite well as I have found out.

David, my Volvo has 674.000 kms on the dial. So yours is just running in. :smiley:. I can understand you not wanting to replace the young lass, i wouldnt want to either.

May I ask what model it is and what was the year of its ‘birth’?

XC90 2.5 AWD, 2005 DOB Gothenburg in Sweden. The S60R has 300k also on the clock, 2001, Belgium

As regards the Berlingo, they are the same age, 2005. It is the top of the range with all the extras, unlike the Partner which replaced it for the long journeys purely because my poor old knee and shoulder demanded an automatic. But it is a bit sentimental because all of my first 7 years of the dog journeys, which encompassed all 4 corners of the then EU, were done in it. I even had the rear windows blacked out so I could sleep in it in privacy, often with furry friends both large and small for company. :joy:

I’ve got to go to Nontron today so will check out that Bardahl at Inter.

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