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Which calendar program or app are people using on Windows (hopefully visible on mobile -Android- too) these days?

I used to use just Outlook calendar on my Windows pc having used it at work in a calendar-heavy job for years. Didn’t use the rest of Outlook on personal pc at all as no server.
Loved the features of Outlook calendar and got it with Office pack so used just that. My calendar was appropriated by Suez when I worked for them briefly (yes, legally I can prove it). So struggled without my favourite calendar for years.

Just had the chance to start again due to software rebuild. Should I use Outlook calendar as before? or are people using a better app that works across mobile (Android) and pc (Windows) ?

Graham I haven’t posted a new topic this time :slight_smile: . Hoping my question would be picked up on this thread even though it’s possibly more about etrennes than calendar.

I use Firefox on Ubuntu and Google Calendar. Google Calendar is also on my android phone as well as the OH’s android phone so all appointments are readily available to both of us which is really handy when booking RDVs at hospitals etc. All you need is a google account to set it up.
Works for us very well.

We use Bedeworks on our main server but then neither of us uses a smartphone so we’re quite happy without the “connected all the time everywhere” technology :smiley:

how on earth do you get on in life Angela :laughing:

Past the age of wanting to “get on” Graham :rofl:


should never assume a ladies age… other than as my old gran once said when I asked her how old she was… “older than my teeth and younger than my hair” she replied :wink:


Nice expression, Graham!

It’s why I’m such a nice person… had wonderful advice from a sage grandmother…

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Ah… that would explain it then… :thinking:

Google Calendar (any browser), Android and iOS apps?
Nextcloud running on Raspberry PI, browser based calendar access, apps for Android and iOS?

Noted Graham and Alex both mention Google calendar.

I had avoided that as I’m just beginning to find out how much Google still tracks even when you tell it not to.

Does Google calendar really handle things like irregular series of recurrences or search strings as well as Outlook?

Not a Windows platform user as we are on Linux so my experience of Outlook is greatly outdated but like anything else data, riro applies… (rubbish in rubbish out). I can query Google Calendar to find instances of whatever but there needs to be consistency in how or what you use to record things/events to help searches along.