Cancer of the pancreas


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You have mine, Peter, it is a very cruel disease.

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here is hope and having positive thoughts is one of the most important things. Here are a few links for you to investigate. There is research going on about stem cell treatment for pancreatic cancer. Improving chances of treatment success of stem cell therapy - (
and Stem cell research (

Also worth looking at are The Truth about Cancer and Truly Heal on natural ways to help the body to heal itself including cancer.
Sorry it looks a muddle but these websites are definitely worth looking at. I have come across them because I am a Functional Medicine coach.
I hope your friend feels he can try something new since orthodox medicine has virtually nothing to offer. Cutting out sugar and eating only a small amount of low sugar fruit will start the journey and is most important. If I can help further please feel free to ask.
I wish him good luck.
Anne Murray

Alternative cancer treatments
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Please do not watch “The Truth about Cancer” as - whatever else it contains - it does not contain much in the way of truth on the subject of cancer. It is unremitting, self-serving, quackery.

Judging by the title the 2nd video falls into the same category.

Immunotherapy is an interesting subject and showing much promise in many types of cancer so that is legitimate, but not in routine clinical practice at present for pancreatic cancer (at least not in the UK). There might be some trials open though if it is appropriate for a patient to enter them.

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Dear Stella. There are many comments below but just want to share what my oncologists said to me this week about pancreatic cancer. Apparently the French health service has been researching this as it relates to far too many in France that were unexplained. He suggested there were clusters around northern vineyards and that further study was needed to look at environmental / pesticide use, or something other. It is an aggressive cancer and the cancer support group here in the south have been fabulous. One other comment: if you can get medicinal cannabis, it will help enormously. bon courage.

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Thanks for the info…

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While evidence from studies is a bit inconsistent/inconclusive it would not be controversial to suggest there is a link with alcohol - in which case you wouldn’t necessarily need to consider pesticides when investigating a cluster close to a vinyard. :wink: :wine_glass:

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perhaps taking a wider view, all cancers are on the increase and environmental factors are a factor. Apparently France has more than it’s fair share of pancreatic cancer which is why they’re doing the research. It would be good to find out more, not just my anecdotal comments.

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I hope nobody minds…but I am going to close this Thread. I opened it…and have found lots of useful info… which I can refer back to as and when. I do not want to have to wade through other stuff though… at a time when I will probably/possibly be feeling a little fragile…

I hope you all understand…

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