Carte de Sejour travel restrictions

Also her main residence is in France, providing a valid and acceptable reason for her return.
Maybe she does not want to come back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad you said that Tracey. :wink:

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@Anglozone and @tim17

Utter nonsense from both of you, and wholly unworthy of both of us, especially my wife. We have been together for almost fifty years, and have never spent more than a week apart until now.

My wife is 77 years old an unable to make the journey alone by rail with luggage. I am 82 and not well enough to drive to meet her in Paris, and have been more or less in isolation since the lock-down.

Your responses are not only unfunny IMO but border on the vindictive.

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All I’m saying is that it’s maintaining the basic conditions for residency that counts and that might be as simple as enduring that you spend at least 183 days a year every year here until you reach the five year mark.

Not so, she has a valid reason to return… and you seem to forget the plenty of nonsense as you call it, that does often appear on SF which the majority of us tend to ignore.


Did I suggest otherwise? No, you leapt at an opportunity to insult us both, and I despise it and you for it.

That is simply not true, you are over reacting.
After all the comments you have made on SF to other people and the manner some have replied to you, and you DESPISE me! :astonished:


Mêle-toi de tes affaires, Tracey.

Naughty :wink::joy:


…but nice. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Oh that reminds me, I have a Vienetta in the freezer :yum::yum:


That’s pretty harsh Peter, I was merely pointing out that there are means of getting to France at the moment, nothing more. My other comment was in response to Tracey’s somewhat cheeky post. I cannot believe that you thought either of us were being malicious in any way and to be honest I’m pretty disappointed with how quick you jumped on us given some of the things you have posted since I’ve been a member here.


Hi folks… I’ve just come in on this recent turn of events…

It’s quite clear (now) that Peter is most unhappy with the situation he and his wife find themselves in.

thus, what might in other circumstances have been chuckled at and laughed off by Peter and his Missus… … is suddenly not appropriate.

I’m sure none of us would genuinely seek to hurt another soul…

So, please… let’s just call a halt…

@Peter_Goble Peter, I’m sorry that your wife finds herself in difficulties… and you… likewise. I do hope that you will both be reunited asap.

cheers folks… let’s keep smiling…


Tracey would have understood the meaning of “cheeky” from my missus if she’d been in striking distance, whatever the state of her opinion of me, her husband, Tim! As a woman I think Tracey will also “get” that… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Berlina doesn’t take kindly to others, especially complete strangers, drawing inferences about her state of mind or what she does or doesn’t want, so Tracey would have been put in her place PDQ.

I would have been the next to cop it.

Anyway, least said now the better, methinks, but be in no doubt Berlina is very keen to get back to France, as I am keen to welcome her home where she belongs. :house_with_garden::hugs::clipperton_island:

Thanks @smw, it’s been a difficult time for us all, with submerged reefs to scrape against and disturbing undercurrents too.

Your understanding is soothing, thanks. :kissing_heart:

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