CdS being obtained by non-resident second home owners

First off, do you have a foyer rural? I got to know people in my village by doing the washing up at events!

Also, you can try here too:

Here’s a few ideas…
If you have a comité des fetes I’m sure they’d love to have you.

This did make me laugh. :rofl: My family reckon I can’t speak if I sit on my hands. My hands are moving all the time I speak and when it’s French I’m even worse… a cross between sign-language and miming… :roll_eyes: :rofl: :hugs:


You should try Portuguese, Italian or Spanish! :grin:

Mum always reckoned I was an Italian-changeling

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Thank you all! I shall try every one of these avenues and am sure to fund at least one place who will want me. Hands et al :woman_juggling:t2:!

soirée is the hardest word


For me, it’s “ écureuil”.