CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

Reporting back again - nice lady at the Prefecture had told my partner that she got mixed up because there were two people with the same name. We thought she must have meant same surname but even that was fairly surprising as it’s not that common a name…

Anyway - just found that there is someone with an identical name - forename and surname, living less than 40km away from us. There are only 19 people in the whole of France in Pages Blanches with that surname. Just shows - shouldn’t make assumptions! :smiley:


Reminds me of my ‘name coincidence’. My name (Munns) is pretty uncommon (while at Uni in London 1960s I checked telephone dir. and there were a handful). Soon after moving over here we got into a heavy legal issue with our builder and this involved using an avocat in Bergerac. One time we had a rdv, but when my wife phoned to confirm the time, his secretary seemed very mystified, but confirmed 16:00. When we arrived, the secretary took us to the waiting room, opened the door, ushered us in with “here are M. et Mme Munns”… And, indeed, another English couple also named Munns were waiting to see the same avocat at the same time.

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Does make you wonder quite how many Brits or people of Brit descent there are in France, doesn’t it? I’ve not looked for my surname - perhaps I should!

Back when I used to work for a high street building society, I had my bonus paid by mistake to a colleague who had the same name as me… the HR system wasn’t very clever back in those days and my boss had to select the names of people in his team. I was Gareth Williams #5 but he mistakenly chose #4. The system didn’t allow you to retract or edit anything once you’d clicked OK, so we had to go cap-in-hand to the other Gareth Williams and ask for it back.

Shortly afterwards, Gareth Williams #4’s wife - who also worked for the same company - sent me an email by mistake asking me whether I wanted to go to the cinema with her and what film we should watch… at least I presume it was sent by mistake. :smiley:


I still haven’t applied yet and am still umming and aarhing and dithering because in mid June I will have been here 5 years…which seems a bit close to the deadline :grimacing:

It does happen.
2 years ago we noticed almost 100 euros missing from our account and when questioned were told it was the banks charge for a payment they had to make to the Impots for none payment by my wife .
To cut a long story short it turned out that there was another English lady with the same name in our department who was the villain.
Only when we confirmed our address did the impot see their error!!
The impot did repay our bank costs, eventually.
What was incredible is that they didn’t verify identity beyond a name.

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On the application form there is a section at the end for any notes you want to add. If you did this sometime in April say, you could write there that you are making your application now, rather than the X June, so as not to wait until the last minute. And hope that you will be considered for 10year CdS?

By the time they get to look at your dossier it will probably be the Xth of June!


Today my partner has gone back to the Prefecture for his new rendez-vous. We’re hoping they let him in this time :smiley: :crossed_fingers:

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I agree with Jane. I had a recent chap who was desperate to hand it in and did so a few months before the 5 years but then needed to send some more info so it was close by then, they saw the date and offered him his RDV the day of the 5 years!

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What happened, @toryroo ? Did he get a 5 year or a 10 year card?

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Sorry - wasnt’ clear, he got the 10 year as he’d gone over the 5 years at the RDV date (even though his original application was for under 5 years)


Thank you @toryroo That’s very promising for @helen6 then!
Unfortunately I think it won’t quite happen for me as my 5 year official date is 1st Novemmber but, to be honest, any card will be a relief :smiley:


Wey hey!!! They let him in :relieved: …alldone :dancing_women: :dancing_men:


Finally got around to applying for my CDS yesterday. I had to go out before I completed downloading all the scans required. I saved the page as instructed and received an email with a link. When I later clicked on the link I just have “Cette page est momentanément indisponible.” on the web page that opened, I went through the FAQ’s and found an email address for problem-solving - “” but after sending my query I got the old delivery status notification that "Recipient address rejected: Access denied " Now what? Anyone had any similar problems or have an alternate email address?


Hi Peter,
Don’t like being the bringer of doom but honestly the saved half way through system is rubbish and doens’t work. I haven’t heard of anyone doing it successfully. Now you have everything scanned and ready to go you are better off just to redo it.


Ah, thanks for the heads up.:roll_eyes::+1:

I’m sure someone else walked away in the middle of applying.
and it was suggested that the info deletes after 28 days… ??? so if the comp won’t let you back in (for some reason)… you don’t have long to wait.

It doesn’t take long to do… but it does make it quite clear that you should have everything done, ready, then sit down and get on with it…

Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so…

best of luck

That’s correct. When I filled in my online application (in one sitting!) I noticed that there was a warning that incompleted forms would be deleted after 28 days.

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I haven’t heard of anyone being locked out.