Chris and Julia moving to your area and need advice

Hi Chris

We live in Bedford, but have a home in 32 (very rural south-west) to which I shall be retiring a.s.a.p. Also a rugby family (both sons played for Ampthill until recently) Where exactly are you looking to buy?


what kind of budget are you looking at for the purchase/renovations ?

Yep, although it was Newmarket's inauspicious second team for the last eight or nine years - when I was in the UK. I played with a German team as well occasionally - in THE famous Olympic Stadium (1936 and all that).

Come on Brian don't be bashful, tell me more. I assume you mean a Cambridge college team, well that's where I've been playing all my rugby. though my rugby as much longer passed than yours!

usually when we have this kind of discussion we find that we know people, or people who know people we know....... and so on

School through to Cantab college team but not the university. Local club where I lived until about age 35, so nearly 30 years off the pitch... already!

So I gather I am moving to the right area! What are your rugby connections in England everyone?

I played a couple of seasons for Bedford many years ago and they still do a pre-season tour to Mont Marsan Bordeaux and Arcachon. I could host you at their games next season! Also a friend of mine is a former international panel referee and living near Condom. Scott Murray is now coaching Mont Marsan and is also a former Bedford player!

no, no, no, Catharine, he needs to come further south-east into rugby's heartland - the midi-pyrénées...! Having said that with Toulon and Clermont in the final the net is spread a little further!

No SFN is nationwide....there is a group for people in the 47 here though

Spot on on the rugby... as a former hooker, I'd say SW is like the 'heart of the scrum'-ish!

m having difficulty understanding the structure clearly?


Catherine, when we are located and settled, of course we will use your site to promote what we do. Also if you look at our site we also have a high level conference platform which is better than Skype, in case that is of interest. It is password coded and so could be of use to businesses and individuals?

As we don't know area yet we have not been specific but it is department 47 isn't it that you cover, so I assumed people would be focused on that area?


No you're right but you didn't post within the 47 group!!If you are really into rugby, I'd think about heading a bit further south west as we are in rugby heartland here...

Brian we hav even talked about renting in Folkestone to be near the tunnel, so we have no limitations at the moment, lets say 3 hour round circle of St Foy. That should do it I think?! I thought grop 47 was about department 47 or have I misunderstood that?Thanks for responding?


Question: Which area? France is a bit big for a response, so - department, nearest big town/city, detail like that. Then people can reply in a more focused, helpful way.

Yes, know you said it before, but for people coming in here...

Hi Chris and Julia

I've edited your post to remove the links as we have a no links except on your own page policy - it is absolutely fine to tell people what you do - you simply need to direct them to look at your page. We do this to keep the site from getting too 'spammy' on the grounds that if other members are interested, they are only one extra click away from your details!

Anyway, two things...which area?! And you might want to think about advertising on SFN using our small business package which is perfect for letting other members know about what you do. If this sounds like it might be of interest, please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat.

Best wishes