Climate/ecological breakdown

Something a more heartening.



A good start is to look. Then question. Then act.

China, always with 100 year+ plans is already well underway to feed its followers

the fact that every single human needs food and water, and there is not enough arable land on Earth for the projected increase of 2 billion people by 2050. The instinct, on a primal and national level, is to hoard

The question, instead, is whether people can see the problems and overcome self-interest or profit motives to solve them.

Doing nothing while letting others do something may be easier but not the wisest choice if we have an interest in who and how humanity lives in the future.

We’ll just have a war, the traditional way of reducing populations

Just what China is planning for with surplus of male children recruited into the world’s largest standing army, and new navy.

Excellent news. Well done to the new government in getting this changed so quickly.


It is good news, but the real problem is the time it takes to get grid connection for renewable projects. I believe the wait is currently about 10 years. The grid desperately needs modernising and upgrading to cope with many more renewable energy projects so that they can come on stream much more quickly.

Ah but was that 10y under the previous administration who didnt really have any interest in doing so other than a sound bite.

I believe the ten years is at least in part to do with work needed to balance the grid and other physical issues, but is also partly bureaucratic. @Badger may have a better appreciation of the issues.