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Well, I just look up in the sky and this is what I see…

But seriously, it’s a programme called Starry night Backyard which gives a real time view of the sky from my location.

Didn’t touch the sensor, just used the “pump” thingy.
I need to see if it’s gone now!!

:slight_smile: Scary stuff, I hate cleaning my sesnor.

Think I’ve Sroted it :wink:

Hi Neil Well I have to say I am very impressed. Is that Jupiter ? How did you do this. It seems to be brigth enough. ( she said ducking! )
Seriously, how did you take this.? Gina …

Look, don’t start getting at me, I’ve had a hard day sitting on a beach. Star was in inverted commas and anyway I didn’t post a photo but here’s one I’ve just grabbed.

Stuart is right. Surprised you can see anything with that hat on !! Jupiter a star. I beg to differ… G.

You been on the pop Neil? Can’t see the photo!

Fabulous night skies here with just a little light pollution from Pau. The big, brigth ‘star’ is Jupiter. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus (stop smirking Hams) are also in the south sky.

Of course.

You mean soptted it :slight_smile:

Just spotted it. !!

OK What sotp ???

Nice one Stuart. Great level of detail, you will have to attend to that sopt though!

Just been running through and looking at all the sky pictures. Bit boring at the moment just blue ( for photography not swimming or playing at being on holiday ) but the sky last night at 3 0’clock in the morning was just awesome.

Shame I don’t have the knowledge or equipment to photograph that. G.

We’re doomed! All doomed! Very effective use of HDR.

Thanks Gina
The sky wasn’t my doing :wink:

Got the bugger, I think.

Owwww Wonderful… what a sky… g.

Really need to look where that spot is coming from!!