Covid vaccination questionnaire query

I’ve now had my first jag.
They would not even look at my form, but presented me with a new, far less detailed, form to fill in when I arrived.
Very French, very efficient, very friendly :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent news @Brian_House
… well done.

Seconded! :clap:

As you say, they are all different. We had jabs in our left arms, I cannot sleep on my left side, but when it came to the 2nd one, we were told it had to be administered in the other one. Couldn’t have both jabs in the same arm. First jab no problem, 2nd jab a painful arm for a few days so very uncomfortable for sleeping.

I started to mention that I was on anticoagulants but was cut short and told that as my doctor had made the appointment, he knew what I was on. I’m still alive and my heart is still beating albeit a little irregularly now and then.

I had my Janssen jab yesterday at the pharmacy .I have no carte vitale but it was no problem.My appointment was at 9.00h and was playing golf by 10.00h.Only played 11 holes due to torrential rain.I was really surprised how unpainful the injection was .Suffered with a bit of a headache in the evening and feverish feeling but not too bad and today I feel fine,if you are fearful of the jab dont be its easy.

Just the opposite for me . Was asked which arm I had first jab then second jab went into same arm.

Haven’t had the 2nd one yet, but we have always been asked ‘right handed or left handed?’ and have automatically received jabs (flu, etc) in the opposite arm. Makes no difference as far as I am concerned.