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We say “there’s always summat” being from Derbyshire whether it’s fosse being blocked, errant tractor driver demolishing 2 posts-no power or phone, big vets bill for Alfie cat or last Autumn having to pay social charges on my pension as a psychotherapist entrepreneur-€2K.
However, the good life is sitting in the sun by the pool with a glass of dry white with schnauzer & rehomed border-collie & best control ever of my T1 diabetes.
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awesome! bless you and enjoy Roger Waldram. Cordialement

That’s one of the really bad things about the UK economy. It has a high dependence on consumer spending to drive growth in GDP, and a lot of that growth is driven by borrowing. Driving growth through debt is unsustainable, but governments have relied on it for a long time.

Have you checked this out?

Works exactly like a UK credit card - you are given a limit, receive a statement at the same time every month and a choice of repayment options.
Their FAQs state repayments to be made at the end of the month but I think they recently changed it to the 18th of the month.
Interest rate is approx. 21%.

Thats a nasty viscious circle for the public to get caught up in, hard to get out.

is that a misprint??? seems high to me :roll_eyes:

Pretty much in line with UK CC rates at the moment.

fair enough… I’d no idea…

If you have a Revolut Lithuania account you can apply for a credit card in app. The interest rate IIRC is 14% but I don’t think the credit card is available for FR IBAN accounts from what I can determine.

Googled it and this is what it says on a consumer site:

Ci-dessous, le détail des taux d’emprunt en fonction du montant :

  • Taux annuel effectif global (TAEG) de 21,02%1,60% si le crédit est inférieur ou égal à 3 000€
  • TAEG de 10,50% : 0,84% si un montant de crédit entre 3 001 et 6 000€
  • TAEG de 5,53% : 0,45% pour un crédit supérieur à 6 000€

No it was not in the 70’s 80’s the record base rate was 18.82% plus what the banks added In those days I remember my mortgage rate was going up every month. If you go back to the 60’s banks usually charged 3% over base rate, BUT then they had competition from building Societies, remember them where you saved up to get a mortgage for your first home when you got married.

Just to say I have now been accepted for a Zero Card I think-last step was to click on a Mon Repayment button & there wasn’t one! See what happens. Looks good with 0% if you repay the balance in 7 weeks with free cover in the event of death or illness. This will tide us over nicely.


As a PS, we already have a Revolut Card for paying our internet channel subscription to Sky, BT & other channels, only €35 & useful if we lose our satellite signal in the rain. No credit with it though.

is that a FR IBAN Revolut account?

I think that some/many of us might be looking for ways to “spread the load” of some unexpected bills.

You could contact them and ask where that button is. Also might it be worth your while to seek clarificatio of the repayment date - is it the end of the month or 18th.
If it’s 18th then it’s less than 7 weeks as the statement is emailed to you around 10th.

Yes it is now

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I have but no reply yet. They get a poor rating for customer service.

Yes, “there’s always summat”. I can’t remember ever voluntarily putting a cost on a card for something I wanted with an intent to roll it over. But always liked having one for emergencies- it just gives that extra reassurance and flexibility that’s on hand if needed.

Remember it well, me and the now other half got sucked in by the then Halifax Building Society. We saved with them knowing they would keep their advertising promise to provide a mortgage for our first home. We found our home and rocked up at the local branch to claim our prize only to be refused a mortgage.
We did get a mortgage from North East Derbyshire District Council bless um, 2k borrowed and £40 a month repayments, them were the days.

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