Croissants Etiquette

dunked in the morning 'bucket' of coffee - à la français!

Gets worse, first rhubarb which was miserable, then myrtilles that completely failed this year and all now in the hands of Bonne Maman. If I can't make my own then I'll just have to forego the jam and give the entire croissants to my dogs, resolved. No mess, just a bit of slobber where the crumbs would have been.

Bonne Maman only worth it for Bilberry/Myrtilles. otherwise make your own.

Don't eat them whilst driving, the make helluva mess of your car.

I never ever give those precious little cones of crisp butteryness to my ravening hounds. They can wait. First the ends are eased off and consumed with mmms, then I unpeel the flaky outside and eat that to the sound of soft drips of doggy saliva falling on the tiles. Finally, sighing with regret I tear the soft white inside into halves and give them to my patient pets. No butter no jam ever touches those little horns of perfection. The dogs then turn to my husband for his personal delight and theirs. Huge chunks of croissant with slabs of salted butter and loaded with strawberry jam. Each to their own I suppose.

Sounds cruel to dogs to me, they need their share :)

Dunking in your morning bol saves any flakiness problem but as a technique may in itself be a little flakey.

I've occasionally estimated that there is more messed than I have eaten, therfore my dogs actually eat most of them. Regards an answer - pass.

Bon Maman rhubarb, great - the answer to my failing rhubarb that makes one crumble a year at best.

I have no sense of decorum, especially when I'm alone. If the weather's okay, I do actually eat my croissants outside because I make such a mess. The two crunchy ends come off - one for each dog who will both be sitting with their respective heads on my legs - then I rip bite sized pieces off. I usually eat them as they come. It's if I have a fresh baguette that the butter and jam/marmie come out. If some flakes fall it doesn't matter because my four legged buckets are there.