Diesel problems.....maybe

Thank you for the helpful replies. I don’t think the comment suggesting that I have a ‘heavy boot which I don’t have, is helpful and it’s not so "bizarre’, when you consider that out of the 8 years I’ve owned the van, the only time I’ve had a problem is just after my return from France.
Anyway those of you who have been helpful and given me food for thought, thanks again.

I used to have a car that, in my mind, developed a fault every time I washed it (I don’t wash cars very often). I knew it was coincidence because no way can washing a car make a tyre go flat or whatever. But the pattern repeated itself so often that I stopped washing it.


We had a diesel Megane estate which had clearly been put together after one too many Pernods on a Friday afternoon.

It would cut out if the engine revs dropped sharply - so if you put your foot on the clutch to change gear, you might not have any power afterwards - one or two properly scary moments.

Renault put many hours in (under warranty) and got the incidence down to once every other month or so - but never quite eliminated ut entirely.

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It was bizarre to me. I have driven tens of thousands of miles around Europe and have never found French diesel to be any different from that sold in any other country. The idea that your car was affected by dirty a French diesel every time you had the misfortune to fill up in the country beggars belief.

Definitely with Dan on this one (as I said earlier) - I really can’t see French gazole being any “dirtier” than any other country’s diesel.

It might have more biodiesel in than in the UK though - but I’m not even sure about that as the stuff I filled up with last time here was B7 - can’t remember if higher is common in France; one of those things I look at every fill up but can’t now recall.

This might not be very helpful but, considering it’s a Citroen, do you not think it might be homesickness? :slightly_smiling_face:



It certainly wasn’t the Megane’s problem - first time it did it to me was actually in France (and it dod not seem to matter which country it was in).

No no no, not homesickness! I’ve had about 3 French made cars in as many years all taken to the UK. I’ve had a few problems when driving back in France from the UK, no it wasn’t the fuel or fuel distribution, but the air filters! I always carry a spare air filter now & change it immediately in the car terminal docks of Calais… As after a few days back in the UK the air filter is so full of the crap & shit of Brexit the car can not breathe. Pls do not take this seriously!

It would seem she’s like me. She doesn’t want to leave France :grin:

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Most fuel tank pick ups are suspended and clear of the bottom of the tank! long gone are the days of bottom drains in tanks… The fuel filter should have a drain on it’s base to let out any condensate,
when your car misbehaves, has the filter been replaced?.. when i was working on trucks, any complaint of power loss or rough running, we would replace the filter and cut the old ones open to see what contaminate was present. [cheapest and quickest fix]
There’s no logic to running fine here and poorly back in UK, if you picked up bad fuel here in France, the dilution of UK fuel would likely introduce the fault while here and become more noticeable when filling again… improving once in UK when diluting the duff fuel… not deteriorating?
DPF’s do benefit from long runs with the constant heat burning off particulates, but they’re pretty robust things, and will suffer if there is an engine fault or constantly run in short stop starts… normal traffic and use is what their designed for.
During my 30 yrs in a truck repair shop, we have seen loose pick up filters blocking the fuel stack pipe, collapsing air intake pipes that block the air at high revs, then “pop” open at lower revs, blocked injector return lines, blocked fuel filters, plastic bags in tanks!!.. being sucked onto the stack pipe filter, then falling off when the engine stops, only to be drawn up when fuel demand is high… [sabotage by disgruntled driver}.
a small sliver of wood found in junction of 3 way fuel tank connector on a London double decker bus!!! [more sabotage]
I don’t know about Berlingo fuel systems… my game was Volvo trucks… your local main agent would have diagnostic test equipment to see if the system is functioning correctly.

Apparently I don’t have a DPF I cos she’s too old, just have a CAT. I’m starting to think that because I had the same problem with my previous van, it must be me! I went back to the garage that service her. They are using low ash oil and they change the fuel filter every time, so after a chat with them, I’m pretty sure I’m not driving her long enough for the CAT to regenerate properly. Which is something of a relief, because it’s something I can rectify.

Which part of the UK is “home”? You may have a touch of “diesel bug”, and that being exacerbated in damp conditions.
A touch of “Italian tune-up” may help ’ occasionally but that is more useful to help regenerate DPFs in vehicles so equipped.

West Yorkshire. It was dry when I got back this year, but it started raining the day after, so I did wonder if that was partly responsible.

Your garage seem to be pretty good, low ash oil is good or turbos, less chance of blades picking up waste from burnt oil.
Certainly a good idea to give the motor a nice run to cook the CAT every now and then… aka “The Italian tune up”.
As you say, if you experienced similar with another vehicle, you might need the tune up? lol… :wink:
G&T… merry xmas

Merry Christmas to you too :blush:

Your car has a French ghost in it that doesn’t like the UK may I suggest an Exorcist if all else fails :rofl:

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Funny you should say that, in my old ( French) Rover every time I reached a certain stretch of road between Mussidan and Montpon I would feel the back of my seat being kicked.
I even tried to look round in frustration and put my arm behind my seat when driving ( stupid I know)
When I finally changed cars it never happened again…I still have no explanation, spooky! :ghost:

Just easier to move to France I think. Just got to last another 2 years

That is spooky!

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