Do I need to renew my Permis de Conduire?

Just to clear this up… Retaining a category BE permis (vehicle of 3,5t gross weight towing a trailer over 750kg) does NOT require a medical. It used to, but the need was dropped a few years ago.

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Agreed, my camping-car weighs close to 3.5 tonnes and on my BE licence I can tow up to the maximum stated on the vehicle plate which is 2.2 tonnes so max weight of camping-car and trailer when rolling can be up to the combined wieght of 5.7 tonnes. I tow a trailer with Smart car which together weigh 1.35 tonnes so well within towing weight. The main thing to remember is to display Angles Morts signs when towing because of the combined wieght ie anything over 3.5 tonnes kerb weight must display them.

I’m pretty sure the requirement for a medical for towing a large trailer has been scrapped. But if your licence was issued prior to this change it will still have an expiry date for towing, even though you are ok to tow. I think…!

This is maybe one of those occasions where we can say that the EU does not do joined-up thinking re vehicle/driver issues … One of my fave EU beefs.

My licence is Spanish. Thus, good for all EU and even UK. I got it before I turned 70 so that I did not have to take the Spanish driving test to replace my GB licence with an ES one when my GB licence expired on my 70th b/d.

The entries for A and BE show an expiry date of 12/05/2024. That being the 5th anniversary of the issue of the licence in Spain.

@graham has this “A French Driving Licence does not generally have an age related expiry date (such as 70 in the UK) - but the photo card aspect does require updating periodically for the new credit card type.”

I don’t know is pasting a pic of my licence would be an unwise thing to do but it’s a plastic one with a photo and what look like security hologram imagery … dunno.

Any guesses as to what happens to my PdC entitlement on 23/05/24?

This is interesting David_Spardo. I just had a bit of a fright. Looking at my driving license before filling out some online forms to hire a van to move furniture I discovered that my License has it marked on the front expiry date 2019, looking at the back all the other categories I have have no expiry date marked on them only the category for pulling a trailer/caravan has the 2019 expiry date. I have looked on line to see what I can do and my daughter suggested I looked at the online site to check my points situation which should have the other details such as validity of license. This I did and see that my license is in fact still valid and that my points are as they should be 12. Although my daughter is going to ring someone, not sure who on Tuesday to see if I should get the license reissued reprinted with the category that has expired removed and if the expiry date on the front would then change, my old British license had an expiry date in 2029 when I get to 70