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Not just dog photos. Been searching for photos of the only two dogs in my youth, Whisky and Butch. Found only one photo of each – in the late 50s on family holidays. Taken by Mum.

Whisky, black & tan mongrel, came to me when I was 10, she had puppies, she later got run over by a car, and one of her pups, ginger coloured mongrel Butch, was adopted.

They were both fully fledged members of the family.

Aren’t they all…

Found another photo of my old mate Butch, on holiday in Devon, waiting for that stick to be thrown!


This isn’t a dog photo, but a really feelgood dog video. so if you haven’t got 7 minutes or so to spare, give it a miss. It features a much loved dog of mine, the Setter, Tosca, and a Dobermann girl called Enola that we fostered abut 4 years ago. I think @Porridge might recognise the main players because it featured on a previous forum that we were both members of.

Chasing Butterflies


… of joy!

Thanks David, just lovely. :slight_smile:

I came upon it by accident while searching for something else. And it doesn’t have a happy ending. Enola was super responsive to recall but had 2 down sides to her character. She was an escaper extraordinaire, not by burrowing or jumping (although she appeared to be able), but by climbing.

She would frequently climb over the gate for a wander and then before long climb back in again. I put a stop to that by putting a loosely rolled up section of wire fence at the bottom of the gate, attached to it (it is still there now), so that she couldn’t start the climb without tangling her feet and legs. Secondly, she was seriously prone to separation anxiety, and would go mad in the house if I wasn’t there, even with Fran still in attendance.

We could have overcome that, I am sure, if something more serious had not occurred. You have seen that she loved to run and twist, turn and leap, and she used to delight in running full pelt at Tosca to swerve away at the last moment. One day, in the field, she misjudged and her tail whipped violently against poor Tosca’s head. This caused brain damage from which she died 2 days later at 16 and a half years of age. In that 2 days, while not blaming Enola for a freak accident I thought it safer that she return to the local pension used by PAD, her owners. When Tosca died I immediately asked for the return of Enola but she had been snapped up by someone else. Sadness all round but I still remember the joy she brought us. :joy:

BTW, I wonder how many of you spotted that in the video I had repeatedly changed Tosca’s sex from female to male. No idea how that happened. :rofl:

Sentimental, moi?!


Look at his little paws! :heart:🩶

I think she’s Gigi. :slight_smile:


Apologies to Gigi for my gender confusion!


Wife learning to draw Gigi from life (very difficult ) in order to be able to draw her from memory, whereas copying from a photo is the very worst way to draw an animal - results tend to look wooden and amateurish.


Indeed! Especially as they move at will.

Gigi looks well captured :blush:

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