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Love his Olive and Mabel videos…one of the few good things to come out of the Covid years,

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Lovely, it helps at the moment, when our large puppy, Shanna is wanting to play just a little bit too much, and often, with Jules. And when the frustration causes more blanket chewing and more me me behaviour.
Ssshh, at the moment they are both asleep, I hardly dare move a muscle. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

BTW, that Scottish voice is that the Buchanan bloke who does all the wildlife photography?

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No he’s a sport commentator, Andrew Cotter… And with no sports to comment on during covid he took to filming his dogs, some of them are hilarious!

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Like this one


He’s got two books out. I’m amazed they “work” since, for me, what is key in his videos is his hushed, gentle commentary as if he’s sitting alongside a cricket match - so different from the appalling raucousness of football matches.

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I have seen that before, but had forgotten how good it was, and how accurate here with Jules and Shanna. The young challenger even has a handicap advantage, slightly less croquettes for the lighter body and only one pill to consume as opposed to the old man’s two. :joy:

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LOVE this one:


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Oh dear, that sadly mirrors my experience here with Shanna, a lively youngster who is living with 3 old fogies and as a result is getting increasingly stressed with boredom.

I have ordered more Rescue Remedy and a couple of Kongs (to counterract destructive tendancies) but I fear she may have to go back to the pension when I visit next week if I can’t turn it around. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh no! The weather is swiftly improving, are long walks possible? If she likes water a nice swim can be great exercise. You and Jules can watch safely from the bank and throw her balls to go after. Because I cannot throw a ball further than a few metres, I found a ChuckIt stick is very useful. ( If only I could get my dogs to return the ball to me but at least I get good walks.)

You may find a better source than this but here’s an Amazon link:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Cm9ncknJkoI7PHOqeBfjj9QcmUlp7zRRRY13JwB-G5RFU4MFjOL2rbSGBi63QkTxhPGBndzaSEpc8klr_Iqubf1qzmibq5m4MObQPpHAKg1IPGv5HMqp3byPs4wrp8eZRIx06K1Dqf7eV2lL4iEQ_8gm1UUPrTgdEm4fXiKY5j6d2TkpBA9IuS8ToWJCq0Pqbu05yc0UOR6J4H_wqm38t_0MdNW3Sy6YmFDU8xhB32E2EgZ1xJbD-v6zclxgDdHmmlQiiZMsQq9MjO7ooOe5uyWwIpL34DopchyRbiQlu38.aaj50gO4GRGb5Psl4TEReP_L3gHc6GcqaFIgfIOL0XE&dib_tag=se&keywords=chuck-it&qid=1715326487&sr=8-16&th=1

There are also ‘Air Balls’ that float:

I’d also caution against the many copy throwing sticks on offer because I know several people who thought they’d save a penny and found their new sticks soon snapped.

Thank you for the thoughts Susannah, but I think throwing anything into a fairly fast flowing river might be counter productive if I have to follow her all the way to Bordeaux to retrieve her. :rofl:

Her (and mine and Jules’) friend Ouaci, the 14 year old Collie who adores all 3 of us, does swim in the river but Shannah did not follow her lead yesterday, contenting herself with splashing her long legs in the shallows. Might explain why she didn’t jump into my pond when I gave her the opportunity.

As regards the long walks, as they have the maximum freedom on the 33 metre lines I have found it impossible to walk them together now. Too much tangling. I could let her off the line, her recall is good but I do worry when she races like a Greyhound to such a long distance from me and, in any case, until the end of June, I think it is illegal.

Breaking News: the gate bell just rang and 2 little boys were standing outside it with Shanna alongside them, completely unattached and waiting patiently with them.

So as if she isn’t giving me enough worries, she has added escaping to them for the first time. The last time she appeared at their house was when I mislaid her from the forest and field in the days when she was offlead. They have a 7 month old puppy but they said she wasn’t playing with it because it was indoors and she was in their unfenced garden.

This has really shaken me, apart from the puppy our parents bought us when my brother and I were very young, I have no experience of training young dogs, only older, 7 or 8 year plus, ones. I will have to search online for advice, the deadline of next Friday isn’t set in stone, it is simply that day when I have been tasked to collect a Dobie boy from Poitiers and would have to leave her at the pension on the way there. This boy I know, because I delivered him there last November, despite a reputation of aggression against other males, gets on fine with Jules, alongside in a cage of course.

Next job is scrambling through the undergrowth to try and find out from where she got out.

Just to get this thread back on track, this was Drako (in the cage) alongside Jules when I delivered him last November.

and a better picture of him playing with his new female friend Tokyo back home in Normandie

On looking for these pictures I saw that Tokyo is just over 2 years old.
Shanna is just under 3 years old.
Are you thinking what I am thinking? :thinking:
Time for another email to Marydob I think. :wink:


I quite understand your concern and follow your drift towards Tokyo :sunglasses:. I wish you all well and everyone in a forever home that suits all. :bone:

Sage, a Miniature Poodle, Wins Best in Show at Westminster

I think we’ll just stick with the usual toilettage…