Drainage and costs

Hello Hairbear,

Yeah that could be the way to go.
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Hi Badger,

Thanks for replying I sent you a pm.

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Hi Wozza,

Thanks for your reply, yeah it appears to be a costly buisness in France doing the drainage. Checked the links from Vero and got a bit of a fright. Sounds like you have a plan though which is terrific.

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I don’t know if the rules for private drainage are as stringent as in the UK. If you did go for a sewage treatment plant, get a percolation test on the soil to make sure it’s possible to lay the drainage field. Clay is your enemy.

Hello Pete,

That’s great advice, thank you.
Mains is available so I think if we bought the house then our hands will be forced to connect.

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I totally feel your pain. We’ve been trying to find a drainage solution for a place we wanted for nearly six months. They’re called the general binding rules in the UK and some clown in Whitehall evidently spends their days trying to make them even more complicated. I’m all for the environment, but it’s getting silly now!

That’s not good at all having to wait that amount of time.
We haven’t bought yet so thank goodness for that.
We can see things going on for weeks if not months trying to get to the bottom of it all.
Hope you’re problems get resolved.

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