E-bikes, any users?

(stella wood) #41

Serious question: can you get three-wheelers ?

(David Martin) #42

Yes. I’ve seen some very specialist machines out and about including three wheelers for La Poste, long distance touring and for carrying children. It’s a great technology and opens up cycling to people who previously were limited by health issues.

(Chris Elliott) #43

Aubusson way. I’ve not made much effort to date - saw them on offer in Gamme Vert of all places then again in Le Clerc and Carrefour at various times. Pottering round the car park was available - erm if we have one charged … At some point I’ll make the effort - its one of those it’ll either solve the hill issue or it won’t – but a test for me would be a proper round trip up and down the hills

(Vicky Robertson) #44

Hmm… These wretched things caused me untold worry about my level of fitness, which I had always taken as pretty good until I came to Provence and ventured out on my bike. I was awestruck when frequently overtaken with a cheery wave by the elderly, the pleasantly plump, young children etc, all doing what appeared to be quite impossible speeds on a pushbike without so much as breaking sweat, thunderous thighs, or at the very least, the requisite pained expression. Like a numpty, I actually had no idea that electric pushbikes existed (other than in solex style moped form) and thus resolved to adopt the Provençal/mediterranean style diet at once, as clearly, people here were supremely fit and healthy!!
Last year, a friend suggested we go cycling in the Luberon and offered me the loan of one of her bikes and finally ( albeit feeling rather silly) the secret was revealed. Absolutely loved it, whacked it up to max and flew round the countryside with a big grin on my face and even managed to overtake a couple of spandex clad ‘Tour de France’ wannabees! Great fun, I just need to get saving the pennies…

(stella wood) #45

I need 3 wheels to stop me falling… I break bones too easily these days… :relaxed: I have been thinking about a trike for some time… and one with a motor… well, sounds ideal to me.

(David Martin) #46

My first encounter with an e-bike was similar; I was in Holland and was used to how easily their large wheel bikes lop along the cycle tracks but one afternoon I was really struggling to make much ground on an elderly couple I’d been following for a few km. I was only a few metres behind when I eventually got quite close and then noticed the battery packs. Up until then I was worrying about m6 strength and fitness levels.

(Nancy Ellen) #47

I bought an ebike at LeClerc over a year ago for 699€. I use it mainly for shopping, and the battery only when I’m going uphill. I don’t drive a car at all. There are some bike paths around me, but not everywhere. So far, all car drivers have been very considerate. I’ve never had any scares or problems. I do stay extremely alert, and I wave thankfully at drivers who give me polite leeway. Whenever I’m on a rond point, I throw my left or right arm fully out to make sure they understand my next move. In other words, I try to be considerate to them, as well.

Overall, I’m really quite pleased to have this bike. It’s made my life a pleasure, and I get a bit of exercise to boot.

(Chris Dunn) #48

E-bikes are very useful and although we only use our French home for holidays. It is an item that I would like to have.
I would buy the trike version,3 wheels better than two plus good sized shopping basket provided.a good secondhand one costs anything from £500-£1000 back in uk.
I was warned to not buy ones made in China, due to build quality and components.and as I need two would be happy paying £1000.

(stella wood) #49

I shall watch your progress with envy… :wink::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

(Chris Dunn) #50

Will do. Thanks