Exchange rate

(David Martin) #1

If you need to change any money the pound is strangely high at the moment, well above 1.14.

(Graham Lees) #2

1.1448 interbank - if you can get it…
State pension is due in 2 days… let’s hope it holds!

(James Higginson) #3

I saw that, pretty surprising, I wonder what news caused the spike.

If anyone wants to capitalise on this, please consider using our partners at TORFX

(Graham Lees) #4

We used to use CaxtonFX but of late, they seem to have got greedy.
We now use WorldRemit which, in spite of a single £2.99 fee works out a better rate overall…

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(Teresa Shipley) #5

I’m lucky at the minute as my dad gets a euro pension and now lives in the UK. I give him GBP and he gives me euros, we both benefit.

(Graham Lees) #6

at what rate of exchange?

(Teresa Shipley) #7

A few cents more than I could get any where else. He obviously does it to help me and it’s not a regular thing as I don’t like to take advantage.

(David Martin) #8

Why would you be taking advantage? If you are both exchanging money regularly you should both gain by the arrangement.

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(Graham Lees) #9

I was just being mischievous Teresa!

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(Thomas Denne ) #10

Have you tried TransferWise?

(Mat Davies) #11

Also consider Revolut for full interbank rates without commission.

(John Withall) #12

I have just done exactly that, got a better rate than currency fair but TransferWise fee of £6.09 compared to €3 means the difference was about €4 into the account.