Exchange rate

It is quite a stretch to say that the Tories “have a deal lined up to make a smooth exit from the EU”.

They have a withdrawal agreement which means that nothing changes in practice until the end of 2020 - I guess that is what the markets are reacting to. Compared with “we’re leaving in March, no - July, no October, no January” I guess 12months where they can get on with life is a welcome change.

But we have nothing concrete in place for the end of December next year - and despite the optimism of senior Tories that they will conclude a trade deal in that time, pretty much no-one on the EU side, nor any experienced trade negotiator seems to agree with them.

So we will either drop completely out of the EU without a deal at the end of 2020 or Johnson will be forced into more embarrassing U-turns, neither of which seem much use from the point of “stability”.

I suppose the only thing which really changes is that we leave the EU and move to the next stage of negotiations. No new referendum in 2020.

Most people will once again lose interest in politics.

That’s a pretty big change - as you say, no going back.

I suspect that this is what Johnson is hoping.

10 cents less than that today.

Typically I had been eyeing 1.12 as relatively stable and thinking “I ought to buy some more € before the £ tanks at the end of the year” at the beginning of the week but have been a bit too busy to organise it, looks like I waited too long. :rage:

1.08 as of a few minutes ago!

I am having problems with the Halifax stopping my transfers through TransferWise. It’s getting critical , I have little money left in French account, and I have to make a deposit before end September. They don’t seem at all bothered , in fact it seems like excuses after excuses, the same demands to reset my password every time I try to sign, in, and wait for another security number to arrive in the post. it’s going round in circles. I am getting extremely worried

See if you can open a Revolut account.

Fortunately, we brought over some money at the higher rate.
Not usually the case, but we struck lucky this time.

Thanks. Halifax say the only transaction I may make is a transfer to an account of a beneficiary already set up. The problem is they see me as a security risk with only my Bouygues number now that EE cut off my UK number as I don’t use it… I’m now waiting for the third security number in the post…