Eye Test

Hi All.

I have just got assurance sante from axa and I would like to find out how one gets an eye test over here, I have been here for 5+ years and have always had it done in the U.K. when I visit, but as I am paying for this service now I woulod like to get axa to pay for it. I live in Mimizan dept 40.

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The ophtalmos at the Clinique Jean le Bon in Dax are very good (and accepted by AXA). AXA works with Krys (also in Dax) very good optician.

You do realise that AXA is terribly, terribly expensive, don't you? I have been with them for 5 years and now changed to Generali ... difference of over €100 a month for the same things and even more.

Check with a good courtier like AG Conseil. They'll show you the way. I use the AG Conseil in Bayonne: 05 59 15 16 25. Ask for Clarisse (if you feel like contacting them) she speaks some English if you need it.

You then take the ordonnance to the optician that you find on the high street. Check with your insurer first though as they have agreements with certain opticians to give you discounts.

you give your local optalmologue (just look in your pages jaunes) a call and arrange an appointment in exactly the same way as you arrange a doctor's appointment but be warned, waiting lists can be 6 months to a year depending on the area!