Finding a dentist!

Maybe @Annie2 can PM you so she keeps her general location private?

Maybe she can just tell everybody who this dentist is without any reference to her own location?

Not patients. Residents of the two depts, of whom there may be none in the ‘catchment area’. Tho’ if I’m prepared to go from Vire, via Nantes to VLC, which I will do ere long, I’d drive all across Normady …

And if it’s so tight, why did she mention it in the first place? This thread is supposed to be pointing people in the direction which might result in them finding a dentist, not boasting about having one but refusing to divulge more.

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Ah, maybe she wants to keep it a secret. No point in telling everyone and then finding she can’t get an appointment because of all these new patients! :grin: It’s a bit like telling friends about your favourite, only known to you restaurant and then finding you can’t book a table.

Perhaps so. In which case …

"All these new patients … " I think the readership of this thread, based in Normandy within sensible range of this dentist, is not likely to exceed half a doz. Five are on the map, none ‘on the coast’ + Annie2 who is not …

Generally, if one bigs up an enterprise, whatever it may be, and the business is made aware of ones favourable views, and new customers mention ones recommendation, one receives ‘favoured customer’ treatment.

I really did have to restrain myself from going full-on facitious on the suspicion that you have raised. I did look up the length of the coastline of Normandy [640 kms] but didn’t mention it as part of my reply.

So, likehood is that those of us Normandy - Calvados and Manche - will never know.

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Half a dozen!!! Our dentist these days, you’re lucky if he can squeeze in ONE additional patient.

We currently have a great dentist in our teeny, tiny town. However he is in his mid-late 50’s so I every time I phone for an appointment I expect to hear news that he is retiring!

If he does it is very unlikely there will be a new dentist, so then my plan A is to find one in Paris. Only a few hours by TGV and can combine with shopping, museums and all sorts of fun.


What a sensible idea.

Anyone have experience of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic? I’m really phobic so wondering if that might help!

A hypnotherapist might be safer! :slight_smile:

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A friend of mine here is the same, after a lot of pain and searching, he’s managed to find a dentist in Clermont-Ferrand (120 km away) who is willing to use it

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Have you not noticed captain that some people on the internet love to let you know how well their lives are going and how lucky they are?
I like @JaneJones idea. How about taking yourself off to Paris for the day? I certainly think large group practices are more likely to be able to fit in additional patients.

When I was a kid I crept in to my mother’s surgery with some friends to sniff her tank of it ….she used it all the time and had happy patients. (Tank was then put in locked cupboard…)

But still used a lot for anxious patients in the UK. Don’t know about here.


That’s exactly what I had to do after a weekend of pain and phoning every dentist in a 100k radius. I drove up to Paris on the Sunday and was in the dentist chair Monday afternoon. I can recommend 2 dentists the first in Rueil Malmaison and the second in Nanterre if your interested.


I’ll see how I get on locally and if no luck then I may contact you @wozza, if that’s ok?

Sound idea. I have a pal, French Franck, who comes and goes from Paris and Lille…

The reason I am going back to Valencia is that I am half way thru’ an implant procedure. We got as far as the installation of the titanium screw and then all the plague biz got in the way, followed by buying/moving/works to new home biz.

The dentist said that it was no matter that the implant had not been installed - the longer the screw was bedded into the bone, the better.

Phobic here too. I’ve been actively looking for a dentist that is sympathetic to people like me and I’ve found one in Bordeaux that uses nitrous oxide or even intravenous sedation if needs be. Just need to
find the courage to book!

I am surpised to hear this. I guess there is a big difference between being frightened of pain and an actual phobia. I hadn’t thought of that.

Because the efficacy of modern dental painkillers is remarkable, I find. When the dentist strugged to remove a tooth prior to implant procedures she said, “Sorry. This is proving a real problem. It will not come out in one piece. I am going to have to break it up and take it out in three …”

A wrestling match ensued, with appropriate sound effects. Gruesome but at no point painful.

The worst bit I find, now, it the strain of keeping ones mouth open wide for prolonged periods. Root canal is bad for that … but not painful.

There is an element of talking myself into not being scared of dental treatment, now that the anesthetics are so good. Mind over matter, if you like.

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I used to have an Indian dentist who never used anaesthesia, it was not as bad as you might think.

Oooh Captain - too much information I suspect for someone who is phobic!

I have a friend who is phobic and it was hypnotherapy that enabled her to get across the threshold.

hahaha !

Sue, after the full-on revelations we had on the subject of multiple runs to pee in the night, the SFista can take it all… :grinning:

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