Finding Friends

Hi Julian

Don`t know how good your French is but try volunteering. There are always clubs & associations looking for volunteers. I joined the Croix Rouge when we moved here & help out on the social side in their "charity" type shop sorting old clothes. They made me fel very welcome & I made loads of lovely friends. There are people of all ages fact I am one of the younger ones - most of the ladies I work with are in their 70s & 80s! I also joined an art class & now love pianting watercolours.

Hope this helps


Well, I am disabled too and I went to the MJC to find out what clubs were available. I started a group to learn French just conversation nothing heavy! I belong to a club in our village, there are predominantly French people but that is OK as it makes me work hard at my French and especially my numbers when we play bingo (Loto.) The mairie might have a list of activities like art classes, over 60 clubs etc. Or try the Syndicat Initiative. We are in Burgundy which is a way from where you are but I would be happy to chat on the phone, e-mail, Skype etc. We are both 60+ and it is harder to make friends as you get older. Is there a forum for your area? You might meet other expats there, but that depends on whether you want to meet French people, English people or both.

Hey there, welcome to 77. We live about 13kms from Coulommiers (La Ferte Gaucher way) and are often there either shoppng, taking children to sports etc. I am not sure how I am able to help you make friends in your area as I was lucky to have the children at school situation but there are lots of art classes and activities. I even have a lovely friend (French) who teaches framing and the group are mainly retirees and are lovely. I sell my Phoenix cards to them to frame and they are most welcoming. However I am always up for a cuppa and a chat on the days I do not work so please feel free to contact me. Email me on if you have time and maybe we can chat further.

Jen x

Hi Julian. Wish I could help but am way down south in Aude (11), having moved here a few months ago from Dublin, so I understand the need to make friends. Like you, children are grown up, and I'm hoping to work as a teacher of English as a foreign language. My husband Henry is an artist, so we don't have contacts via school, work, etc. I have found SFN to be a great resource, and go to the live chat most days. I've also gone to a few of the SFN "meet-ups" and met some really lovely people. Some of us have met up twice or three times since the initial get-together and I'm in the process of organising another one. Why not check out who's living in your area from the Members (map) section here? Join in on the live chat too, if you haven't already tried it - it can be great fun.

Wishing you the best of luck in your new home.