First 24 Hr Supermarket - Occitanie

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so that’s why Dom’s sheep keep escaping and wandering through the village… they’re looking for a safe haven…:hugs:

Nobody works 9 to 5, even I work 8 to 6 and I am an idle useless fonctionnaire :wink:


It could just be me - but I thought after the great rush at the beginning most supermarkets in the UK went back to “conventional hours” - 8am till 10pm in West London when I left - some of the main supermarkets “local”/mini remained 24 hour - but it was the self owned small supermarkets that did the 24 hour trade. Its London - there’s always someone needs dinner - or has the munchies - but I do remember a lot of fuss - and I remember shopping at weird hours depending on the job at the time - and I also remember it was me and a few stoners with the munchies and three times as many staff. The bigger supermarkets just lost money staying open all night - to be honest closing at 10pm was fine 99% of the year - and the nights you get home to an empty fridge at 2am were probably not nights you’d go shop - and its fine McD’s was 24 hours for those nights


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Most large supermarkets still open 24 hrs Mon to Fri in U.K. They keep the doors locked and you have to ring bell or knock to get let in after 12. The shelf fillers mostly work at night anyway so they don’t have extra staff on. I have never shopped after midnight but I know some do but many people now order online for evening deliveries. I like the fact that France keeps Sunday’s mostly shopping free and has a slower pace - it’s what appeals to me about here. However I arrived in France the end of last week and saw that the excellent local butcher here has started opening on Sunday morning - his way perhaps to compete with the supermarket.