Flushots, anyone? (also Tetanus. Measles et al )?

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Many years ago… back in the UK… the company I worked for, found that they suffered high absenteeism in winter… flu etc… and decided to offer free flu-jabs on a voluntary basis. Not everyone wanted to have it… that was their choice… but once the system was in place, it was markedly effective. For whatever reason, the winter absenteeism (flu) figures dropped dramatically.

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There is a special jab in UK this year for older folk.

(Jane Jones) #43

@Jane_Williamson. And in France too. There’s an adjuvanted three strain for over 65s, and a 4 strain for others.

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I hope they have given it to me then!

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I’ve been watching the deposition under oath of Stanley Plotkin…9 hours testimony…

“Have you ever experimented with vaccines on orphans…? Have you ever experimented with vaccines on the mentally handicapped…? Have you ever experimented on infants of mothers in prison…? Have you ever experimented on MILLIONS in the Congo…???”

Answer…??? “Yes” to all of the above…

Linked to Paul Offit…

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The man is 86 years old. As we know ethical standards have changed a lot in the last 60 years. So surely one needs to ask what the regulatory and ethical standards were at the time he carried out these activities to be able to determine if he acted unlawfully or unethically. We also know that orphans, unmarried mothers, mentally and physically handicapped were treated appallingly in many, many ways.

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Jane, I wonder if you and your OH have subscribed to https://grippenet.fr which hauled me in a couple of years back? (I’m a bit of a soft touch over research projects and questionnaires) :blush:

It’s a nationwide academic research project designed to map the prevalence, onset, spread and symptomatology of la grippe by analysing data yielded by people who took up the jab offer, with regard to those predisposed by pre-existing conditions that may increase susceptibility, including age.

It’s easy to subscribe to and interesting to participate in by completing simple data frames, and they keep me abreast of what the flu is doing by region and department, and tips on how to stay flu-free and deal with symptoms.

Any one interested can keep abreast of all the grippie developments, even if they don’t want to submit their data. It’s all confidential and anonymised, but they will need your email and postcode.

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I will have a look at that Peter.

(Jane Jones) #50

Did so, and it’s fun. Hopefully enough people now signed up to get some data. Thanks for the tip.

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Hi, slightly off topic here, but I can’t find an answer elsewhere.
I honestly don’t know what the process and procedure is.

I have an S1, carte Vitale, and 100% cover for my regular medication, due to various conditions including chronic kidney disease.
I also have mutuelle cover at a good level, but not the most expensive.

New (10 months) living in France, and still getting used to the system. I am under UK state retirement age.
The doctor gave me a prescription for the Flu Jab amongst many other things.
I happily went to the pharmacy and they gave me my regular meds at 100%. But charged me around €12 for the flu jab.
This confused me,
I understand that I may not be covered 100% for the flu, even though I had a prescription from the doctor written in the 100% section.

Should I have been charged the €12 ?
Is €12 the 30% the portion not reimbursed by the CV system. ?
If the charges are correct, would my mutuelle normally cover it?
The pharmacist has all the details of my mutuelle, do they reimburse at point of payment or do you usually have to claim separately?

Sorry for so many questions.


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(stella wood) #52

Hi there Andrew

There are many medications which will appear on the Prescription… but which will not be covered totally by Health System… the Flu Jab is one of those things… if you are under a certain age…

If you are asked to pay… at pharmacy or specialist… you should receive a document, which you complete and send on to your Mutuelle… and, depending on your Policy… you will… or will not… be reimbursed…

12€ sounds about right… did you get a piece of paper from the pharmacy… ??

(Andrew Hough) #53

No, the lady gave me nothing like that. Unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick reply

(stella wood) #54

Oh… perhaps it is not something covered by HS and if not, then the mutuelle won’t cough up either…

Once you get to a certain age… these things are free… and it’s been a while since I had to pay for mine…:wink: The Pharmacists are hot on these things though… so if no paper was offered… it is for the reason I have said…

I’ve just checked the Ameli.fr site and this is their reply for folk who are too young/not considered high-risk:

“Dans les autres cas, le vaccin contre la grippe saisonnière n’est pas pris en charge par l’Assurance Maladie.”

so you can be comforted that for 12 € you are protected from Flu…:hugs:. are considered a youngster… :laughing: and not in the high-risk category…:sunglasses::grinning::grinning:

(Mandy Davies) #55

I have 100% for a couple of illnesses including diabetes and I’m only 49 and I get my flu jab for free. It’s free for everyone who is immune compromised. I’m surprised this doesn’t apply to you with a chronic illness.

What normally happens is that the secu send you a letter/form once a year which contains the prescription for the flu jab, so it comes from them rather than the doctor. You take the letter to the pharmacy to get your jab. The form also has a part for the nurse to be paid to administer the jab if that is what you choose.

It’s possible that as you are new to France you haven’t made it to this part of the system yet. Might be worth phoning the secu to check if there has been an oversight/error and find out if you will receive it free next year.

(Paul Flinders) #56

But if Andrew has CKD he is in a high risk category.

(Mandy Davies) #57

I was a bit surprised to see that it cost 12€ but it seems the cost has nearly doubled this year. I remember paying about 6€ in the past before I got it for free. Here’s why the price has gone up.

(stella wood) #58

Paul… if his Doc wanted him to have it for free… it would have been put on the part of the prescription where such items are listed… and of course, depends on whether or not the chronic illness is amongst those recognised for Free FJ … the goalposts move every year it seems…

OH has many things free… and below the line are listed the things which are only partially paid for by the State… if at all…

It is not necessary for anyone of us to delve into @Huffy 's medical info… his doctor knows what is what… :zipper_mouth_face: Andrew can query with his own Doctor if he wishes… and/or the Pharmacy… if there has been a mistake… it will be corrected… but please… no personal details… :open_mouth:

(Mandy Davies) #59

Andrew says his MT put it in the 100% section so he must think it’s covered. Sounds like there may be an error. It would the computer that said no rather than the pharmacy so I guess Andrew’s next stop is the secu.

(stella wood) #60

It might be easier for him to ask the pharmacy first, easier than Secu. The Pharmacy can see what the computer is saying/showing… and if necessary the Doc can be alerted. It will be the Doc who has to tell the “rest of the health world” what is going on with the patient… (as a general rule)… then see if the Social agree with the Doctor’s recommendations…