Freesat not giving complete or permanent pictures

do you mean a signal finder?

Yes please Graham :melting_face:

This one perhaps from Amazon FR 16.90€
I’m sure we have one in the garage buried away somewhere… if I can find it, you can have it.

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Thank you Graham, but you might need it yourself one day, hopefully not.
Just out of interest has anybody tried the phone app signal finders?

my climbing up ladders days are over Lily :flushed:
I’ll pay for someone to do any changes to the satellite dish in the future.
A good friend of ours locally climbed up a ladder to “fix the tiles on his roof” the other day after the storms and ended up in Girac Urgence for a number of hours courtesy of the pompiers - so, no way am I or Vanessa going to Girac in similar circumstances anytime soon!!!
We’ll leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.

I think these are a bit hit and miss tbh. The solution I suggested makes direct contact with the LNB which is what really is required. The signal goes in one end and out the other to maintain integrity.

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Gosh! I hope your friend makes a speedy recovery.
Totally agree V is also not able or inclined to attempt anything that a younger V would have done, thank goodness!

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Having called out the local satelite guy once to sort out the dish which had moved in high wind, and paid what I thought was an unreasonable amount, I bit the bullet and got one of these. Now used many times over the years and paid for itself many times over. Makes it pretty simple to reposition the satelite as you can actually see the channel on the small screen on the device - no more guessing.

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I’ve always used one of the cheap signal finders, the ones that beep and screetch. I also use to help align the dish. You just put in you’re satellite (28.2E for Freesat) and you’re location. You can use the map to exactly locate where you’re dish is and then get a visual bearing on the map. With a bit of luck, the line it draws will point in the line of some landmark you can see. It will also give you an exact bearing, elevation and LNB skew.

That looks like a pretty nifty bit of kit, and very cheap.

After trying the bleeper type with the needle, and finding it painfully frustrating, took the plunge and delighted with the kit, as it’s just so very simple to use - saved many €’s :grin:

@Lily Tried to find the one we had but unfortunately, it’s totally mislaid. Sorry.

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This seems also to apply to freesat afaics

Odd, as the motivator is reduction in UHF frequency spectrum - which is not a problem on the satellite service.

Thanks for all for your input :hugs:
No problem @graham the one you linked arrives on Monday :clap:

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Not sure I understand either except that some channels are going.