French bank account question

Hope you got a good exchange rate :wink:

What if you opened an account in your name, maybe even a second account with your own bank, and gave your father access to it with a
procuration. He could then write cheques and set up standing orders. Maybe?

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Hello Catherine
While I use Transferwise for most cc payments, they don’t do French direct debits for things like Orange Telecom and electricity bills etc. Have a look at HSBC France - Their online banking is in both French and English and I’ve found them to be really good. I think you need to show a French address rather than residency

Thanks! X

Hi Andy… HSBC france … although I have no problem with them (except a Euro10,000 a day transfer limit that we knew nothing about… not very helpful when buying a house) my civil partner had to get a new iPhone and her HSBC France app just wouldn’t work (twice). She now starts to foam at the mouth every time HSBC France is mentioned. Their english speaking helpline did sort her out in the end.

These are usually security measures and a call to the bank before making a significantly sized transaction (such as property purchase) often fixes any potential issues.
You’d soon complain I’m sure if someone had somehow gained improper access to your account and cleaned you out…
Personally, I too would think it an imposition to far until considering the possible consequences.

I see TransferWise now offer direct debits but has anybody set one up…or have an idea how it works? I assume they can be multi currency.

I assume you have a “current account” (in uk terminology) with them with funds in it from which direct debit payment requests are honoured. Or is the TransferWise account linked back to another account (bit like PayPal) from which TransferWise draw funds when a payment are made.
The TransferWise web site is good at explaining the process of doing things but not good (as far as I can see) at explainng how the account operates.

Being able to set up DDs is a good option and as Transferwise also offers a multi currency card then the issue of UK banks closing accounts becomes less important.

Same as in the UK, if you don’t have the funds available in the account the direct debit will fail, you would have to make sure the account has sufficient funds in it

are you a customer, have you set up a DD , and how do you rate them,…few comments on web about iffy customer service

Yes I have DD with them and I have never in 5+ years had a problem with them, any time I have used customer services they have been prompt and efficient.

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Near perfect mid-market rate - as good as it gets.

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could be the solution if Barclays close our accounts after we sell our uk flat, think I will give them a go.
I also have a Caxton currency account dr card for which we have to have a UK domicile so it would replace that too.

I’ve used Transferwise for many years and their multi-currency debit card has been a life-saver on occasion.

I should point out though that if you hold large-ish balances in a euro account with them, you will pay a charge on the account. That started in November and doesn’t apply to any other currency. I’m not sure of the threshold at which charges apply but my memory is that is many thousands. Of course it’s not that great an idea to hold large balances there anyway as I’m not sure there is the same legal protection as “normal” banks.

I’d concur with that. It should be regarded just as a “staging post” before moving the money to where it can be of most benefit.

I understand so it would be simplest to send it straight to Leroy Merlin!

I found that the wonderful/dreaded Credit Agricole wouldn’t increase the amount I could pay someone on-line so I ended up using Transferwise to pay the builders - also, it went trhough straight away without the 3 day wait or whatever that the bank does…

I haven’t written a cheque for over 10 years, maybe 15, he doesn’t need a cheque book, tell him he’s saving the trees :slightly_smiling_face:
la poste basic account for standing orders combined with revolut and other pre-paid cards, go on convince him :crazy_face:

Why does he “Need” a cheque book?
I’ve been here 18 years. Never needed one. Also cheques refused in more and more places these days.

or to me if you prefer… :thinking:

You clearly don’t have school age children or belong to an AMAP then!