French Made Easy

méchant = wicked! ?? Not come across it here.

J'en sais rien moi!

Va te faire voir/va voir si j'y suis

Voilà voilà (when you don't know what to say next!)

J'ai rien compris

eh ben, impeccable, impec ou même deux-peccable, eh oui ça marche aussi ;-)



Mais alors...

Ben voyons !

T'es (Z'êtes) fada ou quoi ?

Incroyable !

Quel culot celle/celui-là !

Also dropping in 'par contre' or 'du coup' makes people think you speak good colloquial French

And what is easier in French than English is the well wishing formula of 'bon(ne)' with any of the following: route/appetit/continuation/année/weekend/dimanche and even réunion/shopping etc.

Here in the Loire the must use word is apicable (well that is how I think it is spelt-
The other one is ça marche

Ooooo-la-lah must be a contender for the list

Love the light our bit Andrew !


Du coup,


en faite,


normalement (meaning anything but normally)

logiquement ( a personal favourite).

Bizarrely, after my stroke, most of my French has gone, and I'm back to "Eye up, sithee" and " put t'oil int dooer"!







C'est interdit!

Alors, c'est les congés!

Don't forget 'n'inquietez pas' (not sure that is how it is spelled being self taught)

ça va pas la tête !

ba plà (in this part of the world)

and I never bother saying le magasin va fermer dans 5 minutes, I just turn the lights out and people get the hint - faut bien que je mange moi aussi !!!

Ce n'est pas? Accompanied by an enquiring look with head cocked, indicating neither approval nor disapproval (no clues, like waiting at a road junction). This incites deep, deep,deep panic in the breast of the non fluent French speaker (comprehender). To smile and nod, or frown and tut?!

C’est vrai

I’m in the south west (09)

'Sans doute' by itself is just like starting a riposte with 'with the greatest respect' in English ie shorthand for you are talking bollocks or I don't believe a word of it. So useful ;-)

the one that gets me is sans doute meaning almost anything but without doubt.

Eh! Oh! ça va pas, là !?