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We are British nationals resident in France. We recently tried to exchange our dogs old British passport for a French one. The process was started and he got registered in France. However, we were then told by our vet that new laws meant they could no longer issue him with a French passport and they would be fined if they did so. However, we have since read that the issuing of the passport is at the discretion of vets. Does anyone know the legal position or have any advice? Thanks very much for your help!

Hi… I’ve popped your enquiry into Animals… if you check out that Category you might find some answers

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I would change your vet :wink: the only conditions were that they administered the rabies injection and did the tether test, also that the dog was registered France’s pet identification database, they checked with their version of DEFRA all the way through to make sure they were doing everything right.
If you are a resident in France I cannot see why they would refuse you, but the vet did say that some vets were interpreting rules in their own way and refusing to supply a passport needlessly.


Thanks so much!

Thank you very much for your useful advice. I will try our vet one last time and then look for another if they still say no… :pray:

Ask them to print out the new laws/rules for you so you can check things yourself :wink:

To be honest when @Griffin36 says

to me that’s the beginning and end of it. If they’re genuinely mistaken and are exceptional in every other aspect then perhaps there’s a case for making effort, but having been through a few vets over the years to me a single red flag (of which this is one to me) is one too many and there’s a country full of other options. Maybe ask once more as you say if you rate them otherwise but if they’re certain they’re right when they’re not it definitely sounds like time to move on.

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Good idea!

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Yes - agreed, thank you :blush:

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