George Galloway takes the stage

Have you ever asked yourself to whom the national debt is owed?

Don’t really need to ask, it’s a bit of a circular trick via QE.

Edit : Although I see now that they stopped QE in 2021 so borrowing from then must presumably come from banks and other financial institutions ?

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Same with Khan on May 2nd.

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Absolutely love Mr Galloway! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

“Little Macron launching legionnaires…” :joy:

Speaking eloquently to an all but empty house at this crucial time, as he so rightly put, “answers, were there none”.

Let us hope this is not the eve of WWIII and that his words, as poetically put as they are, will not be democracy’s epitaph.

Really? The “stable genius” who just stated that “the UK helped carry out the Moscow concert massacre”, and who recently claimed that the Princess of Wales was actually dead?


I’ll pass on Mr Galloway and his ilk thank you.

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Perhaps he can occasionally give a decent speech (written for him rather than his own words?) but I believe this ‘gentleman’ to be more than a little eccentric, and possibly not to be relied upon especially where foreign powers offering cash are concerned.


But who is, or has been since 2016 at least?

I may have been a little overenthusiastic :smirk:.

I still miss the appearances of Ian Blackford at PMQs. It’s the turn of phrase I suppose I appreciate, although like many entertainers, Galloway may go too far just to provoke a response. The PoW comment and Moscow idea being just plain crazy.

Yes Galloway does have comedy value, especially when wearing his Tom Baker era Dr. Who hat… :crazy_face:

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From the academic perspective of visual culture, it’s interesting how many populist politicians around the world choose to project their identity through a hat, or the alternative trope of weird, extravagant hair (facial or bouffant).

Putin’s an exception - he always reminds me of a slightly damp shrew - albeit a tad more dangerous…

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Probably because he doesn’t need to do that, and knows it.

He has nukes :man_bald:t3:

Oops. A post i wrote earlier but failed to upload

Speaks eloquently or uses flowery language to disguise the shallowness of what he says. I’ve been aware of Gorgeous George since around and just after the 92 GE. Although not allies we were on the same wavelength. Not now and I haven’t changed my politics. In his last two attempts at a return to Scottish politics he gained 3.3% and 1.5% of the vote coming 5th and 6th. Not a easy thing for a “leftie” to do in Scotland.

Back to his hat. Having been around, not too close, the circles in which he moved previously, I can say with certainty that George’s hat wearing coincided with the onset of male pattern baldness.
He probably thinks that song is about him.


Indeed. I know quite a lot of people on the left where I lived in the UK from moderate Labour supporters all the way to Stalinist Communists and they all think that Gorgeous George is a twit (sp), a liability and damaging to the cause.

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Sure, but irrelevant. The importent thing is that somebody, anybody, is saying things in Westminster that Number Ten (AKA the ERG) and Labour HQ won’t allow other politicians to say. Their managed manure fed to us mushrooms has to be challenged, and if Galloways are a route to that I say more power to their elbows.

To the best of my knowledge he has never flown his lear jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun, but I could be mistaken🙂

And look where the Country is now HB. It’s easy for them to criticise Galloway from the sidelines, but all those people you reference have failed. Labour still has no policies, they will get in because they are not the Tories, is that success?

Sorry John, I dont want to open another debate here and I wont get into one but while i might agree with you on your opinion of the cosy establishment relationship, what you say about other voices in Parliament is not true. The ongoing debate on a Gaza ceasefire and a ban on weapons exports to Israel highlights that spectacularly.

If they have all failed, and the Torys have failed, do you really think that George is the only one who hasn’t ? Many of my friends on the left have fought for decades for the rights of the Palestinian people as well as for many other equally important causes. Some of them have had death threats, serious ones because of thier campaigning. Do you think they have failed ? George is a champagne populist who will jump on whatever bandwagon he can and I’m astonished that you have been taken in by him.


Speaking for myself, because I was on the same bandwagon as @John_Scully, I have not been taken in by anything Goerge Galloway has said but will continue to applaud to the rafters that particular speech which quite rightly demonstrated the sheer affrontary to an already dodgy democracy by appointing a failed politician who couldn’t be brought to face the elected community while in such an important post.