Gite guest only giving me work address

If you are uneasy about the person booking why don’t you just refuse it.

Because she has already paid by credit card to Abritel. It was only AFTER she had paid I was given access by Abritel to her email address, asked her to fill in our booking form and she provided her business address.

It is the way the Vrbo system works. Not ideal, but I stay with them for my 5-star reviews.

>Should I insist on their home address?

You cannot “insist” on anything, except prepayment of a client’s stay.

If madam wants to use an email address of a different kind than that which is “personal”, it is her right. With Covid too many companies are now employing email addresses to “stimulate business”.

When I had something similar occur three workmen arrived, they were doing a roofing job nearby. Nice enough guys but they didn’t clean up after themselves. This was through Abritel. The woman with the account didn’t say it was for a business and approached it as if it was a holiday booking. I would prefer not to have three strange men in the gîte, we live on site and wonder if there’s any way to suss this out next time.

Put “holiday lets only” in your description?