Gite: taxe d'habitation demand

Thanks very much. :slight_smile: OH off to the mairie this morning.

I don’t think ours are truculent Jane. We are on pretty good terms with ours and have always found them helpful.
Obviously they are carrying out the wishes of their Lords and Masters and the French government is desperately raising as much tax as it can.
We are perfectly prepared to pay the CFE tax and appreciate that we should be - just somehow fallen through that net until now. Taxe d’habitation on our gite is not fair however.

This is for non-residents, and is misleading bout CFE tax. Not sure who PTI returns are, but I’m not impressed!

Good luck. The good thing about France is that it may take effort and time, but refunds can be had.



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Sadly , fair tax is a bit of an oxymoron :unamused:.

This is a bit more worrying because you need somehow to prove the property is never used by yourself or for friends. How???!

As @KarenLot pointed out, clearly the taxe dept is desperate now.

As I’ve already said, how can our mayor prove a negative?

It maybe the local tax office just needs that official stamp and that will be enough to satisfy them.

Mmm - not sure about that. I think on the whole the French tax system is fair.

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I do agree. Just hurts a bit. A good stretch between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

‘Guilty until proven innocent’!

We don’t think so, not as fundamentally as les anglosaxons at least.


Delighted to say OH met the mayor - he’s there on his own today - who has taken all the paperwork and says he will deal with it. :grin:


as do I.
Never “enjoy” paying tax as such but since France has treated me fairly, I treat them fairly too and always pay online and in a timely fashion.
I can’t help thinking that, if we were still in the UK, we would be much worse off as pensioners.


We pay less tax here than we did in UK - partly because there are all sort of tax breaks that can be used to offset tax.

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I don’t think anglosaxons would mind fair taxation. It seems to be the political parties that think everyone wants low tax even though there just seem to be high taxes and no services.

but that’s the point isn’t it. I do get a sense that tax paid in France is not being spaffed up the wall on hair-brained vanity projects and lining the pockets of corrupt politicians and their hangers-on entourages.


I was talking about the UK. I certainly can’t complain about taxation here.

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Taxation on gites is indeed delicate. For instance, if your gite is an independent building (meaning, a private entrance, everything needed to be occupied/rent independently), then it will be subject to the “plus-value” tax when the property is sold. That is, it is not considered as your “principal” house. So, it is recommended that, before selling your property, you stop running this gite (typically one year before) and declare the end of the exploitation officially.
In the same way, I guess they must be requiring in your case that the mairie testifies that the gite is a dependent part of your own property.

Even if it is in the same building as to your own house it will attract plus-value, in exactly the same proportional way as with chambres d’hôtes. They are business premises.

You are right, but as soon as you are able to prove that the chambres d’hôtes were also used privately, then they are not subject to the plus-value. Best is to stop the exploitation and declare so by the administration a year before selling.

Unless of course the property is more attractive and with a higher value if sold as a going concern!

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As posted elsewhere - just to confirm. We wrote to the tax department in Agen with supporting paperwork and our taxe d’hab has been refunded. :grin: :grin: