Goodbye Theresa

My own opinion is that the MP should represent the constituents.
The error was to have the counts in the constituencies and published/made known.
This has led to this problem and many others - Scotland famously voted to remain, for example.
If the votes had been counted in regional centres (not necessarily in the same country) and not made public except for the overall totals a lot of angst could have been saved and MP’s could follow their own views.

IMHO TM was a poor leader because her leadership skills were nowhere near up to the job. She wasn’t persuasive, she wasn’t motivational, she was incapable of pouring oil on trouble waters; just the reverse in fact, she antagonised and exasperated people.
As for her policies, well that’s a matter of opinion but my opinion is that they were misguided.
My impression was that she had a blinkered view which is very bad in a leader; she couldn’t see the bigger picture, her mind was closed to views that differed from hers, and she clung on to her prejudices. I don’t think she is by any means the thickest of the current pitiful crop of politicians, but her intellectual capacity is second rate. Certainly she was badly advised, it would appear she relied too much on her advisors, but one of the skills of being a good leader is being able to distinguish between good advice and bad advice. To me it seemed that she had a sudden Eureka moment when the EU negotiating team somehow managed to make her understand where they were coming from and what constraints had to be observed in the agreement, but even when she understood it she wasn’t able to communicate that to her cabinet.
To sum up - narrow-minded, a poor communicator, lacking in authority.

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I think it should be the other way round - the candidates stand on what they believe in and then the public are free to vote for them or not. This way the elected MP then is doing what they believe in and the majority of the voting population supports them.

I am not keen on an MP who changes beliefs - you could not trust them.

Yeah Anna, but apart from all that ?

Apart from that - I suspect Brexit has damaged her, she seemed to have lost touch with reality towards the end and who could not be upset by the pasting she’s had in the press. So even though it was largely self inflicted, you have to feel sorry for her.
On the plus side, I think maybe she had more integrity than Bojo the Clown and suchlike, who have no integrity whatsoever. I suspect she deluded herself into thinking she was doing the right thing, and she wouldn’t have done anything she couldn’t square with her conscience - though her conscience did seem to be very accommodating in the way it could develop convenient blind spots. But I don’t feel that Bojo et al have any qualms in screwing the great British public for their own profit, they are totally self centred and other people’s misery means nothing to them unless it means they lose votes.


There’s no statesmen left in the UK.

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…or women Teresa.

It had been rumoured that mega-pro remainer Tony Blair is poised to make a comeback, how do you think he would go down ?

The duty of an MP is clear - they represent  the constituency, not just the people who voted for them. He or she should present what (in their view) is best for their constituents - we have a system of representation, not delegation.

Too many people misunderstand this basic fact about our parliamentary democracy.


MPs have responsability to three groups : Their constituency, their party and Parliament, the degrees to which they do so is up to them.

Errr… didn’t you miss out the Sovereign Peter?

I deliberately didn’t put women because I assumed it was a given like actor that it included both sexes. I don’t say lady doctor either.

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Apparently not Graham, I was quoting a Parliamentary document.

Look at the ‘Role of the MP’

May’s legacy will certainly be increased division and polarisation of the nation which will take years to heal.

As to who is the worst PM - well, Cameron’s premiership was mediocre topped off by a calamitous error of massive proportions.

May’s premiership? - a classic case of people rising to their level of incompetence, she simply did not have the skills for the job - probably, had it not been for Brexit, it would have been merely an undistinguished sojourn in No 10.

But I think the final judgement on the worst Tory PM will have to wait - at least until the next incumbent has completed their tenure (which might not be that long).

Not off the top of my head but, really, because Brexit is essentially undeliverable - even without the problem of the UK border in Ireland it would, I think, have been impossible to deliver a concrete form of Brexit which would have been acceptable to a large enough section of Parliament to get it through.

Gordon Brown has to be the worst ‘recent’ PM but I suppose Jim Callaghan all those years back takes some beating.

I think history will wind up judging Brown less harshly than Cameron and May.

Albeit partly of his own making Brown was handed a disaster and kept the country more-or-less intact.

Handed no task more arduous than not screwing up Cameron drove us to the gates of Hell and handed the reins to May - who took us straight to the lowest levels therein and we’re still stuck there paralysed by Brexit.


Thank you, Paul. That was exactly my point all along.

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Ah yes, I can see that Peter… sod the Country :rofl:

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They are too kind, if anything.


Look forward to the aerial balloon to follow? Johnson has enough hot air to stay aloft of things. Plus he has the media on his side - assuming he has a steel plate against his backstabbing media representatives standing close by.

Parliament by Media Representation seems a bit of an odd Democracy don’t you think?