Goverment pension lump sum

Excellent news Lesley, thanks so much - you’ve made my day!

Hi Wendy there is no tax paid on the local government pension my husband receives and there was no tax on the lump sum either. We went to our local tax office and were given a form to declare my husbands pension. Not a problem. I get my local govt pension on my 60th birthday next year and anticipate no problems - however as a couple in France you do have a tax allowance and if your joint pensions exceed that limit you will still pay tax on the difference but they will take into account tax paid already in the uk. The lump sum is certainly tax free.

Thanks John. I’ll try to do this for my pension, but my husband will be paid until 31st December, so he wouldn’t be able to receive his pension and lump sum until the new year. I wonder whether we would be able to delay declaring residency in France? I suppose not seeing as we won’t have a house in the UK. Can you recommend anyone for professional advice?

Life would be much simpler if you received your lump sum before the end of December 2015, became resident in the New Year and did your first French tax return in May 2017. If you can’t manage that get professional advice are there are several options available.